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Why is Finding a Candidate Who is a Cultural Fit Important?

Posted by Dina DeMarco

why finding a job candidate who is a culture fit important

What's a "cultural fit" anyway? And why is finding a job candidate who is a cultural fit important?

When interviewing a prospective employee, finding a cultural fit means finding someone who believes in the company’s mission and shares a similar outlook and attitude as his or her potential colleagues.   

Defining Your Workplace Culture 

Before you can hire for culture, however, you must define it. What are your company's values? What are the behaviors, attitudes, and mindsets that make your teams tick?   

If you’re struggling to identify your culture or are looking to revamp it, external consultants can offer the perspective you need. Sometimes an outsider sees things you miss, and can help you develop the type of environment that attracts the individuals you’re seeking. From there, you can train managers to ensure those values are being represented in employees’ everyday experiences.   

Training managers to uphold your organization’s culture is important because negative interactions among co-workers impact the entire workplace.  Millennials in particular look to leadership to set the cultural tone, so executives and managers must present a unified front when implementing cultural standards.   

People care about their work environment. They want to be part of dynamic, supportive organizations that stand for well-defined missions. Recent studies show that many professionals would consider taking lower salaries to work at companies known for their great cultures.   

Hiring Candidates Who Enhance the Company Environment 

Once you’ve cultivated the desired work environment, you need to hire people who enhance it. 

For example, at Hueman, we gravitate toward candidates who are:

  • Positive
  • Self-motivated
  • Adaptable

But as much as we prize hard work, we also recruit people who value work-life balance and are willing to have fun on the job. We wouldn’t hire someone who looks good on paper but lacks the right mentality for our team.   

We’ve seen the benefits of hiring cultural fits firsthand, which is why we’re passionate about helping our clients do the same. The old approach of sticking just any “warm body” into open positions doesn’t work. Why? Those warm bodies become disgruntled once they realize they don’t belong with the organization, and they either quit or create problems on their teams. Their responsibilities fall to their colleagues, who then become burned out and disgruntled themselves. It’s not a good cycle.   

But when you hire the right people, the organization thrives. People want to come into work every day because they love their co-workers and feel valued by the organization. When we partner with other organizations, we learn about their cultures first and then source potential candidates. The only people who make it to interviews are pre-vetted and guaranteed to complement existing teams.   

The Wrong Cultural Fit Is Bad for Business   

Hiring someone who doesn’t align with your culture doesn’t only affect other staff members and management — it also negatively impacts customer care. A single bad employee can drag down the morale of an entire office, increasing the likelihood of mistakes and underperformance.   

Hiring for cultural fit is essential to keeping your company's reputation in good standing. Bad cultural fits tend to be disengaged from work. Just think about that for a moment. Weeding out people who don’t fit your culture during the recruitment process can save you massive amounts of revenue in the long run.  


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