Program Overview

In working with hundreds of organizations over the years, Hueman recognized that working with an Executive Search firm can be cumbersome – from selecting a firm to coordinating interviews internally, there is a lot of effort required on the part of Portfolio Company stakeholders.

The Executive Search Management program is designed to create a more streamlined, effective and consistent process when dealing with Executive Search firms.

Ideal Roles for this Program

Executive Search Management is traditionally reserved for the highest impact positions; including C-suite, some Vice Presidents and other key strategic leaders. This program is recommended for complex and key critical roles that fall out of the Key Leader Recruitment program due to title and/or pay range.

The below graph shows what roles are best filled through the Key Leader program versus the Executive Search Management program.



Program Details

With this solution, Trivest and its Portfolio Companies partner with a Talent Executive to simplify the experience working with third-party search firms on retained or exclusive searches. This Talent Executive works on your behalf to manage the daily process and ensure the search firms are held accountable and meeting expectations. From administrative management to strategic direction, Hueman will decrease the administrative burden on internal stakeholders.


Search Criteria

A thorough job description, coupled with clearly defined search processes and expectations, are essential to a successful partnership with Executive Search firms. A Hueman Talent Expert will ensure the aforementioned established by considering the following:

  • Job specification development & alignment
  • Search logistics
    • Timing
    • Stakeholder involvement
    • Admin support
  • Market analysis
    • Compensation review
    • Supply/demand
    • Time to fill

Firm Selection

Selecting the correct firm and negotiating appropriate terms are vital to ensuring expectations are met. This is often seen as a time consuming and administrative task; however, this is vital to a successful executive search. A Hueman Talent Expert will assist in firm selection by considering the following:

  • Type of search – retained, contingent plus, contingent
  • Preferred vendor, RFP
  • Search firm agreement – pricing and key terms
  • Establish expectations and ownership

Ongoing Search Management

One of the most common gaps in partnering with Executive Search firms is the lack of adherence to pre-determined timelines. Through ongoing search management, a Hueman Talent Expert will aim to mitigate through the following:

  • Manage search timeline
  • Hold all stakeholders (firm & organization) accountable
  • Act as point of escalation
  • Provide weekly updates

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