Program Overview

A cohesive, high-functioning management team is one of the biggest factors to value creation.

Often times there is a need to make key personnel changes or add new strategic leaders within Portfolio Companies. This dynamic is especially relevant within in the Private Equity space where companies are positioned for significant growth. This program provides Portfolio Companies cost-effective access to a recruiter that is dedicated to finding and placing quality talent in critical management roles.

Ideal Roles for this Program

Positions  include middle-management, some upper-management and high-impact positions. With these roles, there is a fairly limited candidate pool, meaning we are looking for passive candidates. This condition creates the need to have recruitment experts help find the right person at the right time.

Hueman_Trivest_Key Leader Target Roles


Program Process

In this program, we apply the processes and rigor of an executive search firm. Below is a high-level overview of those processes. 

  1. Initial Discovery & Intake Call
  2. Execution of Statement of Work
  3. Recruitment Plan & Marketing Collateral Developed
  4. Calibration Call
  5. Submission of Candidates
  6. Regular Check Ins
  7. Interviews
  8. Offer & Negotiations
  9. Candidate Starts
  10. Success Fee

 Success Requirements

  • Hueman works exclusively on role
  • Open and timely communication from all parties
  • Specific feedback about candidates
  • Active participation in all calibration calls

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