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Travel Nurse Reduction Program

Replace Agency Nurses with Staff Nurses and Cut Labor Costs

With our Travel Nurse Reduction Program, you'll receive dedicated resources to replace your travelers with full-time staff as contracts end.

On average, our program saves health systems $3M+ in yearly costs. How much could it save you? Use our calculator or contact us today.


How Do We Reduce Your Travel Nurse Dependency

Breaking free from travel nurse dependency is difficult but not impossible. By leveraging our 28 years of healthcare recruiting experience and dedicating recruiting resources solely to your traveler positions, we can help your organization escape the shackles of high premium labor spending.


Calculate Your Travel Nurse Premium Usage

Before starting the program, we need to assess your current travel nurse usage using our traveler calculator. We'll then review the number of active travelers, their contract end dates, and any open nurse requisitions.


Identify Traveler Program Champions

To succeed in our partnership, both parties must be fully committed. Identify 1-2 internal champions at the start to work with our dedicated Hueman leaders on an effective traveler reduction program.


Establish Organizational Alignment

Starting from the top of the org chart, we'll work with you to present the solution's value and get buy-in from your CEO and board. From there, we will work with you to communicate the program goals and incentives to your nurse leadership and hiring managers.


Set Traveler Replacement Goals

When working with your team, we'll set goals to convert travelers to permanent employees, release travel nurses when their contract ends, and replace them with new permanent staff. An essential part of the program is ensuring one open position for every current traveler on assignment.


Build Traveler Job Openings

Our recruitment team will take responsibility for sourcing and recruiting your nurse requisitions with fill dates based on expiring contracts, aiming to quickly fill open roles and build a talent pool, allowing your team to focus on other requisitions.


Formalize Strict Traveler Approval

We will assist you in implementing a disciplined process for travel nurse contract renewals. We aim to reduce your health system’s dependence on travelers, so bringing in or renewing a traveler contract will require strategic leadership sign-off.


Meet and Review Performance

Once the travel nurse reduction program is running, we will work with your team to establish regular meetings. During these meetings, we will review the current traveler roster, share performance metrics, and discuss opportunities for moving the program forward.

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How We Helped Our Partner Save $48 Million in Premium Labor Spend.

Our partnership helped our client achieve a remarkable 61% reduction in the use of travel nurses while cutting RN vacancies by 35%. As a result, our client was able to save an impressive $48 million annually in labor costs.

Our collaborative efforts ensured that our client had the right resources in place, leading to significant financial benefits.

Key Benefits

  • 28 Years of RN Recruitment Experience

    We have 28 years of experience in RN recruitment and have shared learnings from implementing traveler reduction programs for healthcare partners nationwide.

  • Laser-focused on traveler reduction

    When you work with Hueman to replace your travel nurses with staff nurses, we provide you with a recruiting team dedicated to building your talent pool with experienced professionals who match the skills you require and align with your facility’s values and mission.

  • Accountable For Traveler Replacement

    Using our seven-step program, our dedicated recruiting team measures themselves and focuses all of their efforts solely on replacing travel nurses at your organization.

  • Sourcing Expertise for External RN Candidates

    Coinciding with recruitment marketing, our recruitment team will use advanced sourcing and networking skills to build a robust nurse pipeline for your existing and upcoming requisitions.

  • Average Savings of $3M+

    The Travel Nurse Reduction Program saves our partners, on average, $3 million in the first year, with an average of $700k saved when an organization reduces ten travelers with staff nurses.

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Travel Nurse Calculator

How much are travel nurses REALLY costing you?

Discover the hidden costs of premium labor charges and increase your system’s profits with our travel nurse calculator.

Ready to Reduce Your Travel Nurse Costs?

Are you tired of spending too much on premium labor? Our solutions team is here to help!

By filling out our simple form, you can speak with one of our experts about our Travel Nurse Reduction Program and learn how we can help your organization. Contact us today!

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Travel Nurse Reduction Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the typical traveler reduction program?

It really depends on the partnership, your dependency on travelers, your overall goals, and how well your organization embraces the program. Adventist Healthcare realized amazing results in only nine months. However, similar situations have taken a year or more.

What is the typical length of time for implementation?

Our implementation usually takes four to six weeks.

At what traveler count does this program make sense for my organization?

Typically, if you have ten or more travel nurses on assignment, however, this answer can vary based on your traveler bill rates. A $50 - $100k variance in traveler vs. full-time employee pay would make this program a viable option for your organization.

I already have a recruiting team; how are you more effective

Our recruiters are trained and solely focused on sourcing and identifying candidates to replace travel nurses. Our program frees up your internal recruiting team to focus on other roles.

Why do I need you? – we are already doing this internally.

We have experience and shared learnings from implementing traveler reduction programs with partners nationwide. From this significant experience, we’ve developed a travel nurse reduction program that includes seven defined steps that take a strategic approach proven to be successful in displacing travelers in a more focused timeframe and with accountability.

We are already working with a managed service provider (MSP) to drive down bill rates and travelers. How are you different?

That is great to hear. Our program eliminates travelers, so your traveler premium per hour is $0.

Will this be a 1:1 replacement from hire to travel nurse released?

In a perfect world, this is the case. Based on traveler nuances, we target a 1:2 replacement rate.

Do your recruiters use our brand name and likeness when contacting candidates?

As your RPO partner, our recruiters are committed to representing only your brand while communicating with candidates and your hiring managers.

Why would I hire Hueman when I could hire more internal recruiters to focus on traveler reduction?

HR and TA professionals in most organizations wear many hats and have varying responsibilities. Do you have the capacity to add to your team, manage those people, focus their efforts, and hold them accountable, as we will do in our seven-step program?

With Hueman’s Traveler Reduction Program, you have a laser-focused team that is accountable for eliminating travelers and delivering permanent nurse employees. We have the flexibility to ramp resources up or down to ensure we are meeting our agreed-upon scope.