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Are Staffing Shortages Affecting Your Facility's Ability to Provide Quality Healthcare?

Staffing shortages leave healthcare facilities vulnerable to issues that can negatively affect quality of care, culture, and productivity. The lack of talented candidates has led thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities to work with travel nurse and staffing agencies to fill gaps in their schedules. Although contracting with these agencies seems like an easy solution, it comes at a steep cost!

How can you reduce your traveler and premium labor spending?

At Hueman RPO, we work with hospitals and healthcare companies to help them find qualified nurses and fill other gaps in their organizations, including hard-to-fill and high-volume roles. With customized solutions for each of our partners, we can help you quickly fill crucial positions (like nurses) with full-time staff members, resulting in substantial labor costs savings. 

With an RPO partner like us, you get the talent needed to help your hospital or healthcare system succeed without the hassle or expense of working with contract recruiters or travel nursing agencies. 

Experience the Hueman Difference.

Hueman has decades of experience in providing world-class talent solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems. With our extensive history in the industry, we’ve grown a deep understanding of the intricacies associated with the healthcare industry and its unique talent challenges. We leverage our expertise, proprietary recruitment strategies, and industry insights to support our customers despite the market's challenges.

Employment in health care rose by 57,000 in June, including gains in ambulatory health care services (+28,000), hospitals (+21,000), and nursing and residential care facilities (+8,000). Employment in health care overall is below its February 2020 level by 176,000, or 1.1 percent.

  • 20,532,100

    Number of Employees
    June 2022, BLS
  • 3.3%

    Unemployment Rate
    June 2022, BLS
  • 1,978,000

    Number of Job Openings
    May 2022, BLS
  • 717,000

    Number of Job Separations
    May 2022, BLS

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Let’s take it from the top.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business outsourcing where an employer, like a hospital or healthcare organization, transfers all or parts of its recruitment process to an RPO partner. RPO services streamline the recruitment process to improve overall business performance. We focus on your hiring needs, allowing you and your internal team to become more effective in your core business.

An RPO partner is different from staffing companies and traveling nurse agencies because they build and manage the recruitment process and hold themselves accountable for driving results. Instead of hiring contract recruiters who need constant training and oversight, RPO partners can quickly step in as your talent sourcing partner and provide long-term talent solutions while leveraging industry insights.

With an RPO partner like Hueman, you choose what services you outsource. Whether you need the full array of talent management services, or just a few, our plans are built to fit your unique needs. We can help you integrate the latest technology or leverage your current ATS to find top talent faster.

How can Hueman RPO work for your organization?

We work as an extension of a hospital or healthcare company's team, meaning all outsourced recruitment services are performed under your brand. Our team offers total service recruitment solutions, including sourcing, recruiting, marketing, screening, selection, offer management, interview preparation, and onboarding.

Whether you need our entire recruitment process or just pieces to supplement your existing resources, we can develop a tailored solution to meet your unique needs. With Hueman as your RPO partner, you can quickly scale your resources to align with your demand. We have a pool of specialized and experienced recruiters ready to help your company with fluctuating talent needs.

Instead of hiring contract recruiters who need constant training and oversight, Hueman can quickly step in as your talent sourcing partner. While you focus on the core of your business, we leverage industry insights to create long-term talent solutions for you.

Whether you have high-volume recruitment or high turnover, hard-to-fill positions, or seasonal recruitment needs, Hueman RPO can be a solution for just about every healthcare and medical organization.

Benefits of RPO

At Hueman, we're constantly researching industry trends and changes in order to better understand and forecast the potential needs of our clients.

  • Customized programs tailored to business objectives and preferred budgets.
  • All recruitment-related expenses are on us. We're talking recruiter salaries, office space, technology, recruitment tools and marketing costs.
  • Highly experienced Account Managers, strategic leadership and recruitment specialists.
  • Complete client-ownership of all candidates (but we take on the database management and oversight).
  • Reduced hiring-cycle time, hiring costs, premium labor expenses, staffing agency fees and marketing expenses.

Recruitment Consultation

We know the importance of finding great people with the right skillsets. Talk to one of our recruitment experts about how we can help you hire and retain the right people for your healthcare facility. No Cost, No Committment. 

Case Study

Large Midwestern Academic Medical Center
Improve recruitment volumes and candidate quality.
Partner to provide system-wide talent management support.


Total hires
Hires each year
Reduction in days to fill from 50 days to 32 days
Reduction in recruitment marketing costs in year one of partnership


Our programs are built to match your organization's needs!


Our "short-term," project-based solution. Ideal for companies who don't hire throughout the year or who have bulk-hiring needs due to business expansion. This program is a ready-to-deploy, full-cycle solution that can turn off once we meet your goals.


Our most popular and fluid solution. Ideal for companies seeking complete flexibility. Perfect for those with annual hiring needs ranging from 50 to 5,000 yearly hires. We support as much (or as little) of the talent acquisition process as you need.


Our all-in-one, "whole house" solution. Ideal for companies seeking end-to-end talent acquisition support. Perfect for those with annual hiring needs above 1,000 or who have an appetite for 6+ permanent recruiters.

Who is Hueman?

As you can tell from our name, people are the heart of our business. We take the time to form deep relationships with our partners to understand their unique needs and create tailored strategies. We take a culture-based hiring approach to ensure candidates are not only a skill match but also a culture match. 

Hueman is made up of passionate, engaged people who consistently provide our partners with world-class service. Our dedication to service has led us to earn ClearlyRated's Best of RPO Award in Client Satisfaction for the past two years.