How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Your Healthcare Company [eBook]

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For healthcare companies, recruiting and retaining top talent is more crucial than ever before. The industry has quickly become an employee’s market, and there are no signs of that changing in the foreseeable future.

Healthcare is adding jobs at a rate almost double that of other industries. This means healthcare employees — whether they’re A+ or C- candidates — have plenty of job options to choose from. Workers know their skills are in high demand, and they’re not afraid to leave jobs in pursuit of something better.

Turnover among nurses (both new and veteran) is especially high. More than 15 percent of new nurses leave their jobs after just one year. After three years, that percentage jumps to 43 percent – a staggering figure considering that the total national voluntary rate of all industries is just 11.6 percent.

Our eBook provides a thorough overview of how turnover is affecting everything from quality of care to profitability. It also relays crucial tips as to how you can reduce turnover within your organization. 

Here’s a little recap of what’s included in our eBook…

  • The challenge of employee turnover
  • A spiral of talent loss and threats to quality of care
  • The true cost of employee turnover
  • The 5 most common reasons for employee
  • The 3 most common hiring mistakes in healthcare
  • 5 keys to reducing employee turnover