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Hueman RPO achieves high volume of hires in record time on project for transportation organization

Our Partner

Leading logistics and freight transportation organization

The Challenge

Our partner, a large logistics and freight transportation organization, had an urgent need to hire 90 freight conductors, an arduous task for their already short-staffed HR team.

Our Solution

Once engaged, we swiftly implemented a project-based recruitment process outsourcing solution. We immediately began sourcing candidates who were strong culture matches for the organization, a process powered by a rigorous phone screening schedule. Our team scheduled interviews with hiring managers, extended offers and coordinated drug screenings. Owning this process allowed us to quickly move candidates through the pipeline without running the risk of sacrificing a great candidate experience.

Our Results

Over six weeks, we conducted 284 interviews and hired 169 people—nearly doubling our partner's original goal. A primary driver for success was understanding our partner's unique company culture, which we blended into their overall recruitment process. As a result, we exceeded our partner's expectations and delivered a high volume of culture and value-matched candidates. The success of this project has led to additional recruitment projects with our partner.

Topics: Recruitment Strategy, RPO, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Logistics & Transportation, Integrated RPO

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