What's the Cost of Turnover at Your Company?

The C-Suite Guide to Recruiting & Retaining The Right Employees


What You’ll Learn

  • The cost of shifting hiring responsibilities, recruiting, onboarding, and training differs per salary level and company, but safe to say more than you care to think about.

  • "65% of Employees Are Looking for a New Job"

    The pandemic allowed people to evaluate the circumstances we've built around ourselves. Some employees decided they wanted more - be it more money or more benefits.

  • According to PwC's latest US Pulse Survey, 65% of employees are looking for a new job. It's a great time to attract the right employees, yet a nerve-wracking time to retain them. 88% of executives see higher turnover than usual in that same survey.

What’s the Solution?

Strategic recruiting. Strong planning and proactive techniques ensure you attract the right people for your organization — and once they sign on, they'll want to stay.

Here’s What’s Included in The C-Suite Guide to Recruiting & Retaining The Right Employees:

- 5 Simple Steps to Strategic Recruitment
- 10 Ways To Engage Your Employees
- Ways To Improve Employee Satisfaction

About Hueman RPO

Hueman focuses on building partnerships through culture-based recruitment. Our RPO solutions help meet the financial needs of our clients while improving employee engagement and reducing turnover.

The C-Suite Guide

Learn how to recruit and retain the right employees and reduce the cost of hiring responsibilities, recruiting, onboarding, and training.