How Much Are You Spending on Travel Nurses?

Travel Nurse Calculator

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Premium Labor Charges Are Impacting Your Bottom Line

  • Staffing shortages leave healthcare facilities vulnerable to issues that can negatively affect quality of care, culture, and productivity.

    The lack of talented candidates has led thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities to work with travel nurse and staffing agencies to fill gaps in their schedules. Although contracting with these agencies seems like an easy solution, it comes at a steep cost!

  • Use our calculator to see your organization's premium for just one traveler. Many of our partners work with us to help them successfully bolster their talent acquisition and recruitment function to decrease and eliminate their reliance on travel nurses.

Rates Amount Annual Amount*
Traveler Bill Rate $ $
Core Staff:
Pay Rate $
Benefits Burden %
Total wages & benefits for one core staff member $
Premium for one traveler for one year $
Premium for one traveler per month $

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