The C-Suite Guide to Recruiting & Retaining The Right Employees

C-Suite Handbook to Strategic Recruitment

What's the Cost of Turnover at Your Company?

The cost of shifting hiring responsibilities, recruiting, onboarding, and training differs per salary level and company, but safe to say more than you care to think about.

"65% of Employees Are Looking for a New Job"

The pandemic allowed people to evaluate the circumstances we've built around ourselves. Some employees decided they wanted more - be it more money or more benefits.

According to PwC's latest US Pulse Survey, 65% of employees are looking for a new job. It's a great time to attract the right employees, yet a nerve-wracking time to retain them. 88% of executives see higher turnover than usual in that same survey.

What's the Solution?

Strategic recruiting. Strong planning and proactive techniques ensure you attract the right people for your organization — and once they sign on, they'll want to stay.

Here’s What’s Included in The C-Suite Guide to Recruiting & Retaining The Right Employees:

  • 5 Simple Steps to Strategic Recruitment
  • 10 Ways To Engage Your Employees
  • Ways To Improve Employee Satisfaction