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Your End-to-End Company Recruitment Handbook

No matter what your company does or what industry you're in, there's one thing central to your organization's success: people. While most businesses understand finding the right employees is important, all-to-often recruitment falls last on the to-do list. This lack of priority, paired with the scarcity of Human Resources' time (and resources!), leads to the wrong hires, overwhelmed employees, workplace dissatisfaction, under-productivity, wasted revenue and plenty of other no good, very bad things for biz.

Getting your recruitment process right is critical especially in today's market. The U.S. is sitting at a record-low unemployment rate, which is great for job seekers, but not so great for employers. The highly competitive job market means that job candidates can sit back and have their pick of the litter. Businesses must work that much harder to recruit their employees.

Following the right recruitment and hiring strategies is imperative to the future and flourishment of your organization and we've got the blueprint to help with all of the above. Hueman’s World-Class Recruitment Guide can be your Talent Acquisition Team's go-to handbook. It's full of the essential recruitment strategies and tips to attract top talent to your business. This eBook covers recruitment best practices from A to Z, built from experience that rivals the amount of time your entry level hires have been on this planet.


Over the past 20+ years, we’ve seen the recruitment realm evolve. Gone are the days of simply slapping an open position on a job board and waiting for superstar candidates to pile in. (That would be nice though, wouldn't it?) Now, you must look at recruitment holistically, and in ways you never did before. We’re in the Digital Age. You must master digital recruitment marketing so you can source active and passive candidates, post search-engine-optimized job descriptions, utilize the best applicant tracking system (ATS), market on social media, advertise through various mediums and leverage many, many other recruitment methods.

We know information overload! The recruitment process is extremely involved and it may seem like there's too much to wrap your head around.

Where do you begin?

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Here's an outline of our World-Class Recruitment Guide:

 Part 1: Get Prepared: How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your Recruitment Process

  • Defining a new hire need
  • Creating a job candidate persona
  • Establishing open position pay and bonus details
  • Writing a job description for SEO

Part2: Go Live: How to Market Your Jobs Effectively

  • Forming your recruitment marketing team
  • Establishing recruitment marketing goals and KPI's
  • Advertising and marketing jobs
  • Distributing your jobs

Part 3: Recruit: How to Recruit Your Employees

Coming Soon! 

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Why Hueman is a World-Class Recruitment Company

Our recruitment firm, Hueman is the only company in the country to have been named a Best Place to Work 14 years in a row by Fortune Magazine. And we're one of the most engaged workforces in the world. (Thanks, Gallup!) We've experienced how key recruitment is to the success of our business first-hand, by hiring and retaining all-star employees. And those all-star employees are all-star recruiters who follow 20+ years of best practices to recruit the best employees for our clients so they can reduce turnover, increase revenue, boost efficiency and up all-around workplace happiness. What's not to love about that?
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