Define your workplace culture and find candidates that add to it.

How to Find the Right Cultural Add for Your Company


What You’ll Learn

  • When you're interviewing job candidates, what do you focus on? Do you go beyond qualifications? Finding the right cultural fit during recruitment can benefit your company from top to bottom. Learn how to define your workplace culture and find candidates that fit it using our eBook.

  • Workplace culture defines your company's environment. Employees who feel supported by their organizations tend to be happier and more motivated than those who do not. And happy employees naturally strive to work harder and achieve more. And they’re loyal to their employers.

  • Hiring people based on whether they are an add to the organization’s culture is a surefire way to reduce employee turnover.

What’s Inside

What is a culture fit?
What exactly is a "culture fit" candidate and what are the downsides of hiring for culture fit?

What is a culture add?
Learn how to choose the best candidates that help grow your company.

What's the difference?
Identify the differences between these two types of candidates.

Why is the wrong culture fit bad for business?
Discover the warning signs that a candidate isn't the right fit.

What to look for in candidates to find a cultural fit.
Learn tips and tricks to identifying the perfect culture add candidate.

About Hueman RPO

Hueman focuses on building partnerships through culture-based recruitment. Our RPO solutions help meet the financial needs of our clients while improving employee engagement and reducing turnover.

Find the Right Culture Add

Learn how to prioritize culture in your hiring process to reduce workplace friction and turnover rates.