• Recruitment Solutions

    • Recruitment Solutions

      At Hueman, we realize that every person and organization is unique. We learn what makes your business unique and then build you a perfect recruitment solution.

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      • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
        With our RPO solutions, we can manage your entire recruitment process, even onboarding, freeing up your HR team to focus on their core responsibilities.
        We have qualified and trained recruiters ready to supplement and support your hiring needs.
        Often referred to as permanent placement, we can help with your on-demand hiring needs.
        Grow your business through employment brand and digital talent marketing solutions.
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    • Industries We Serve

      For more than 27 years, we have been providing recruitment solutions to organizations across various industries.

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      • Healthcare RPO
        Our talent solutions can help hospitals and healthcare systems with staffing shortages and more.
      • Life Sciences RPO
        Don't let delays in acquiring the right life sciences talent impede your research and drug development.
      • Retail RPO
        We help the retail industry find skilled customer service professionals to propel your business forward.
      • Manufacturing RPO
        Our strategic partnership allows us to tackle the complexities of manufacturing talent acquisition head-on.
      • Consumer Goods RPO
        The success of the consumer goods industry hinges on the right product and the right people in the right roles.
      • Professional Services RPO
        Attracting qualified professionals for service roles can be challenging. We can help!
      • Hospitality RPO
        We help businesses in the hospitality industry find skilled, customer-focused talent to meet their talent needs.
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    • About Us

      At Hueman, our story is about creating positive, people-centric experiences—and we write a new chapter every day.

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      • Our Story
        Our company’s story began in 1996 when our Founder, Dwight Cooper, launched a small recruitment firm in his spare bedroom in Jacksonville, Florida.
        Our awards and recognitions reflect our core values, passion, and commitment to our mission.
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      Check out our guides, blog posts, tools, and success stories to improve your recruitment efforts. We're sure you'll find something valuable. Explore today!

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RPO Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of spending countless hours sifting through RPO providers, trying to decide which will best suit your organization’s recruiting needs? Look no further than the RPO Buyer’s Guide. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you make an informed decision when choosing an RPO partner.

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Featured RPO Success Story

Hueman RPO Saves Academic Medical Center $10.5 Annually

Learn how we saved an Academic Medical Center $10.5M annually while increasing hiring days, sign-on bonuses, and hourly rates for staff nurses.

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Travel Nurse Calculator

Use our calculator to see your organization’s premium for just one traveler and learn how to decrease and eliminate your reliance on expensive travel nurses.

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From the Great Resignation to the Great Regret Webinar

Learn what you can do to to evaluate your organization and what you can do to be more competitive in winning top candidates in an ever-changing and demanding talent market.

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Have Recruitment Questions?

What is the benefit of outsourcing recruitment to an outside partner?

Our recruiters are highly effective, resulting in improved time-to-fill, reduced cost-to-hire, and decreased requisition load.

In addition, we have a team of experts who can consult on talent acquisition strategy, recruitment technology, digital recruitment marketing, and talent management. Learn more about recruiting solutions.

How is an RPO company different than a staffing or recruiting agency?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies, like Hueman, take charge of the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding them. They offer more than just filling vacant positions; they tackle critical recruitment challenges like reducing premium labor, finding the right candidates who fit your organizational values and vision, and increasing employee retention. This approach enables companies to outsource their recruitment process to a specialized provider, saving them time, cost, and internal resources.

For more information about RPO, check out The Ultimate Guide to RPO.

Where are Hueman's recruiters located?

Most of our recruiters are in one of our two primary office locations, Jacksonville Beach, Florida, or Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, many recruiters work remotely throughout the US.

How will your recruiters support our DEI strategy?

At Hueman, we understand the importance and sensitivity involved in creating diversity and inclusion plans. If you have a DEI strategy in place, you can trust that we will follow all the required steps during the hiring process to ensure that our approach aligns with the key elements of your plan.

What recruiting technologies does Hueman use?

We have over 70 technology vendor partnerships and collaborate with a third party to source cutting-edge technology solutions for our recruiting team to use.

At our company, we take pride in being flexible, adaptable, and having the ability to custom blend the right technology platforms to meet the unique needs of our partners. These characteristics enable us to consistently respond to the latest recruitment trends and technologies available on the market, including some that might not yet be available.

Does Hueman provide recruitment reporting?

The success of any recruitment partnership heavily relies on metrics reporting. Our reporting team establishes baseline metrics and manages ongoing, monthly, and quarterly client reporting, as well as daily and weekly internal reporting.

We continuously communicate with you to ensure we fully meet the needs of your hiring manager and actively seek feedback.

Does Hueman work with unions?

Yes, we work with unions all the time. We will need to understand the process from the beginning of our relationship to ensure that we follow all the required procedures.