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      At Hueman, we realize that every person and organization is unique. We learn what makes your business unique and then build you a perfect recruitment solution.

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      • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
        With our RPO solutions, we can manage your entire recruitment process, even onboarding, freeing up your HR team to focus on their core responsibilities.
        We have qualified and trained recruiters ready to supplement and support your hiring needs.
        Often referred to as permanent placement, we can help with your on-demand hiring needs.
        Grow your business through employment brand and digital talent marketing solutions.
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      For more than 27 years, we have been providing recruitment solutions to organizations across various industries.

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      • Healthcare RPO
        Our talent solutions can help hospitals and healthcare systems with staffing shortages and more.
      • Life Sciences RPO
        Don't let delays in acquiring the right life sciences talent impede your research and drug development.
      • Retail RPO
        We help the retail industry find skilled customer service professionals to propel your business forward.
      • Manufacturing RPO
        Our strategic partnership allows us to tackle the complexities of manufacturing talent acquisition head-on.
      • Consumer Goods RPO
        The success of the consumer goods industry hinges on the right product and the right people in the right roles.
      • Professional Services RPO
        Attracting qualified professionals for service roles can be challenging. We can help!
      • Hospitality RPO
        We help businesses in the hospitality industry find skilled, customer-focused talent to meet their talent needs.
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      At Hueman, our story is about creating positive, people-centric experiences—and we write a new chapter every day.

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        Our company’s story began in 1996 when our Founder, Dwight Cooper, launched a small recruitment firm in his spare bedroom in Jacksonville, Florida.
        Our awards and recognitions reflect our core values, passion, and commitment to our mission.
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Revolutionizing Healthcare Recruitment with RPO


Speak to an RPO Expert

Are healthcare staffing issues affecting your ability to provide quality patient care?

It's no secret that staffing shortages affect patient care. While travel nurses and staffing agencies can provide quick solutions, they come with high monetary and cultural costs.

For over 27 years, Hueman has provided tailored healthcare RPO services to hospitals and health systems nationwide.

Our recruiting teams use the latest technology, recruitment best practices, and a consultative approach to fill your critical roles quickly so you can ensure your patients receive the best possible care.

27+ Years of healthcare recruiting experience
30% Reduction in time-to-fill across all positions with Hueman as your Healthcare RPO partner
4x The number of candidates compared to internal recruitment teams
400+ Experienced in-house recruiters working on roles such as registered nurses

Duke University Health System Success Story

Duke University Health System (DUHS) first engaged Hueman on an RPO project assignment to strengthen its internal talent acquisition strategy by providing end-to-end recruiting for RNs and FT employees in corporate positions.


After the initial project's success, DUHS chose to enter into a long-term RPO partnership with us.


What is Healthcare RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business outsourcing where an employer, like a hospital or health system, transfers all or parts of its recruitment process to an RPO provider.

Our healthcare RPO services are flexible and fully customizable to the needs of your organization. We have partnered with several health systems that rely on us for sourcing assistance during peak periods and others that trust us to handle their entire talent acquisition function.

Our responsibilities include sourcing, recruiting, marketing, screening, selection, offer management, interview preparation and scheduling, due diligence, adherence to DEI initiatives, pre-hire paperwork, and onboarding.

You decide how much recruiting help you need.


Our Differentiated Approach to Healthcare Talent Acquisition

At Hueman, we’re not big fans of one-size-fits-all solutions. That’s why our healthcare talent acquisition strategies never start with a template—they always begin with an open and honest conversation about your needs.

Our team approaches every healthcare RPO partnership with a tailored plan to enhance your recruitment processes and bring you a pipeline of quality candidates.

As your Healthcare RPO partner, our experienced recruiters only work for you. We learn your culture and values and couple that knowledge with proven best practices and the latest recruitment technology to quickly hire top talent for your organization while ensuring a seamless candidate experience.

We recruit as you, for you!

What are the Benefits of Healthcare RPO?

  • Scalable Recruiting Solutions

    Our team can scale our RPO solutions to meet your changing hiring needs. We are dedicated to being a flexible and reliable partner for your project-based, hospital expansion, or other talent acquisition needs.

  • Adaptable Recruitment Technology

    We have a suite of recruitment technology ready to deploy, or we can seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack. Some healthcare partners like us to work within their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and others ask us to implement one for them.

  • Experienced Recruiters

    Our healthcare recruiters are highly skilled and fully dedicated to your organization. Their recruitment expertise in the healthcare industry enables them to swiftly navigate complexities and ensure the best talent for your team.

  • Reduced Cost-Per-Hire

    With our healthcare RPO services, you pay per recruiter (or seat), not per job. Depending on your team’s requisition count, this can mean significant savings for your organization compared to staffing or direct hire fees.

Hear From Our Healthcare Partners

G2 accolade - 4.7 out of 5 stars
Cleary Rated accolade - 4.6 from 31 rating
Hospital staff moving a person down a hallway healthcare-talent-acquisition-testimonial A board meeting

“You continue to blow us away! You guys came through for us in spades – and at a very vulnerable time when we were behind 300 nurses—having Hueman as our partner is the right formula for the success we've had.”

Bob H., Chief Human Resources Officer

Large Academic Healthcare System

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“Hueman makes day-to-day tasks with recruitment easier! They are in constant communication regarding candidates and the flow of applicants. I know if I have an issue, my recruitment partner is there to help resolve it. They are absolutely the best!”

Shannon B., Director of Human Resources

Large Healthcare System

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“You can’t tell the difference between a Hueman team member and us. They learned our culture and used their skill and professionalism to deliver their services. They’re just YOU, they just become you…Hueman’s team is very close, they are part of our team. We celebrate together, we grieve together, and we’ve done that for the last five years.”

Carlos V., VP of HR & Technology

Adventist Healthcare

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Healthcare Recruiting Solutions

  • icon-strike

    Strike Plans & Preparation

  • icon-contract-recruiting

    Academic Medical Center (AMC) Recruiting

  • icon-partners-healthcare

    Travel Nurse Reduction Program

  • icon-hospital

    Hospital Expansion

Maintain seamless healthcare operations, even during strikes.

Hueman provides many services to help our healthcare RPO partners continue operating during unionized labor disputes. We offer a comprehensive strike staffing strategy that ensures quality control and avoids disruptions to patient care.

Our goal is to help hospitals meet their commitments to their patients and communities.

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Attract AMC Candidates That Match Your Focus & Initiatives

Academic Medical Centers are hubs for cutting-edge research, innovation, and enhanced clinical outcomes. The healthcare professionals who walk the halls have a passion for creativity and innovation and are proud of the way they're moving the industry forward.

When our recruiting team works with AMCs, we go to work finding highly-skilled healthcare professionals who share this same passion.

View AMC Recruiting Solutions

Reduce Your Premium Labor Costs

With Hueman's Travel Nurse Reduction Program, we help your system save significant labor costs by filling openings with core staff nurses.

Our team leverages value-based hiring strategies, top-tier technology, and the expertise of our recruiters to find qualified nurses, all while saving you money.

Cut Your Traveler Costs

Get the Help You Need During Your System Expansion

If you plan to expand your healthcare system, whether by adding a new facility, tower, or acquisition, our RPO recruiters are here to help.

We will work closely with your leadership team to identify potential obstacles and devise a practical recruitment strategy to enhance your operational efficiency and support your transformation plan.

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Let's Talk About Healthcare Recruiting for Your Organization

Want to enhance your organization's hiring process with specialized healthcare RPO solutions?

Fill out our contact form today, and a member of our solutions team will respond to you via email within one business day. 


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Curious About Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services?

What is the benefit of outsourcing to Hueman RPO? Why wouldn’t we hire our own internal recruiter(s)?

Typically, Hueman is 50-100% more effective than internal recruiters, resulting in increased velocity and throughput. Our costs include marketing, technology, leadership, training, etc.

Our full-service RPO partnership consists of a team of talent acquisition strategy experts, recruitment technology specialists, digital recruitment marketers, and subject matter experts in SEO, employer branding, and operations.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to a third-party service provider.

The responsibilities of an RPO provider can include the following:

• Sourcing
• Recruiting
• Marketing
• Screening
• Selection
• Offer Management
• Interview Preparation
• Scheduling
• Due Diligence
• Pre-hire Paperwork
• Onboarding

An RPO partner may recruit under your employer brand, using their own dedicated recruitment team and custom strategies, or they may assume your company's staff, technology, methodologies, and reporting.

RPO companies work closely with your organization to define recruitment needs, assess current processes, and pinpoint areas of improvement. Based on the unique factors of each company, providers can customize recruitment process outsourcing services, service level agreements, and success metrics to create a tailored recruitment strategy.

How is an RPO company different than a staffing or recruiting agency?

We are not your typical staffing or recruitment agency. Our healthcare recruiters integrate into your team and take ownership of managing the talent acquisition process and delivering results.

Plus, our dedicated recruitment teams focus on critical recruitment pain points, including decreasing premium labor, finding the right fits for your company culture and values, and increasing employee retention.

Our team provides end-to-end recruitment solutions that include sourcing, recruiting, marketing, screening, selection, offer management, interview preparation, and onboarding.

Does Hueman RPO dedicate resources to our healthcare organization, or are they fractionalized across various organizations?

Hueman provides recruiting resources that are 100% dedicated to your health system.

How will the Hueman recruiters support our DEI strategy?

We at Hueman understand the importance and sensitivity surrounding diversity and inclusion strategies. If your health system has a DEI plan in place, you can trust us to follow all necessary guidelines during the recruitment process to ensure that we align with the specific elements of your plan.

Does Hueman work with unions?

We frequently work with unions and will follow all necessary procedures from the beginning of our RPO partnership to ensure compliance.