• Recruitment Solutions

    • Recruitment Solutions

      At Hueman, we realize that every person isn’t the same and neither is every business. We learn what makes your business unique, and then build a personalized RPO solution perfect for your business.

      • Total Talent
        We handle everything from recruitment to onboarding, allowing your internal HR team to focus on their core areas of responsibility.
      • Enterprise RPO
        Completely outsource your recruitment function to our experts, ensuring you meet your hiring goals with quality, value-matched candidates.
        Most RPO partnerships start here with a custom recruitment solution or a specific project-based talent solution.
        We have qualified and trained recruiters ready to supplement and support your hiring needs.
        Often referred to as permanent placement, we can help with your on-demand hiring needs.
        Grow your business through employment brand and digital talent marketing solutions.
  • About

    • About Us

      At Hueman, our story is about creating positive, people-centric experiences—and we write a new chapter every day.

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      • Our Story
        At Hueman, we love what we do, and every day, we do everything possible to help others find that same feeling.
        Our awards and recognitions reflect our core values, passion, and commitment to our mission.
        When you have as much experience optimizing talent acquisition programs as we do, you’ll have some stories to tell.
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      Check out our guides, blog posts, success stories, and more—we hope you find something here today that helps you make work a better place!

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        Be sure to subscribe to our blog for the latest in all things talent recruitment strategies.
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        Our curated collection of tools comes in various mediums, from ebooks to videos.
        We bring you the latest BLS data to help you make better business decisions.

The Hueman Story

We Put People First in Everything We Do.


A Positive Workplace Starts With Empowered People.

Walk into our offices and interact with us. You’ll quickly get the feeling that something is different here—something special, something unique, and something seemingly tangible. You might notice a sense of belonging, acceptance, and family. And you’ll certainly see that we do our jobs with passion, purpose, and professionalism. At Hueman, we love what we do and, every day, we do everything possible to help others find that same feeling.

At Hueman, we believe that creating a great employment experience always starts with giving people the means, the guidance, and the encouragement they need to thrive. It might take more effort, but we believe it’s worth it, and it shows. It’s this mindset that has led us to be recognized as a Great Place to Work® in the United States for 16 years, even earning the #1 spot in 2013 and the #2 spot in 2014. No other company has ever been recognized for that many years consecutively, which truly makes us a company unlike any other.

How We Help


    Let’s have an open discussion about your business goals and an honest talk about your budget. Then let’s tailor your program to meet those needs.


    We manage the entire recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding, to find you the most effective candidates in the most efficient ways.


    You’ll have access to our experienced account managers, strategic leadership team, and recruiters.


    Reduce the length of your hiring-cycle, decrease hiring costs, cut premium labor expenses, lessen staffing agency fees and minimize marketing expenses.



The Hueman Origin Story.

Our company’s story began in 1996 when our Founder, Dwight Cooper, launched a small recruitment firm in his spare bedroom in Jacksonville, Florida. That business evolved into a substantial organization focused on permanent recruitment services through a contingent model and expanded to include temporary staffing. In 2009, we launched our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service line as a solution for our partners.

The success of this new RPO service line and our strong culture gave our organization a new trajectory. In 2016, we divested our temporary staffing division to focus exclusively on our RPO service offering. And, with that, the brand Hueman was born. Our mission: putting people first and connecting them with the right job at the right time.

Today, we employ over 450+ Huemans across the country. We deliver world-class recruitment solutions, celebrating the different hues that define our values — service, teamwork, change, trust, and excellence.


At Hueman, We’re Made Up of Talented Dreamers, Entrepreneurs, Creators, & Leaders.

And we’re serious about delivering amazing outcomes while creating a great employment experience. We like to think of our employees as family, and we treat them that way. We empower and encourage each other to provide the highest-quality service for our customers and clients. So now, come meet the humans that make us Hueman.


Bill Boutwell

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Boutwell LinkedIn

Sarah Palmer

President, RPO & Direct Hire Divisions

Sarah Palmer LinkedIn

Joe Marino

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Marino LinkedIn

Jennifer Cooper

Senior Vice President, RPO Operations

Jennifer Cooper LinkedIn

Derek Carpenter

Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Derek Carpenter LinkedIn

Brianna Schumacher

Vice President, Great Customer Experience

Brianna Schumacher LinkedIn