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Recruiting Top Talent for a Rapidly Evolving Industry

Life Sciences RPO

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Innovate or Stagnate

The Vital Role of Talent in Life Sciences

The life sciences industry stands at the forefront of global innovation, progress, and groundbreaking discoveries, propelling us towards a brighter future. These advancements don’t just rely on state-of-the-art laboratories or cutting-edge equipment. They also depend on the professionals who make up this dynamic industry. However, the path to success for life sciences organizations is riddled with challenges.

The complexities of life sciences recruitment, coupled with candidates who lack specific skills and talents, create obstacles to securing the talent essential for ongoing success. Any delay in acquiring the right talent can severely impede progress, research, and drug development – which is why forward-thinking leaders are turning to recruitment experts for help.

27+ Years of Recruiting Experience
30% Reduction in time-to-fill across all positions with Hueman as a partner
4x The number of candidates compared to internal recruitment teams
400+ Experienced in-house recruiters working on various roles
A life sciences business meeting


We Identify, Engage, & Secure The Best Candidates

Hueman RPO understands the unique challenges and nuances of the life sciences industry, enabling us to provide recruitment solutions that empower organizations to thrive. We leverage innovative hiring strategies, leading technology, and decades of experience to help our partners overcome talent challenges efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.

Our tailor-made solutions aim to rapidly identify, engage, and secure top-tier candidates to achieve business objectives. When you partner with Hueman, you gain a strategic partner with the expertise needed to navigate the challenging landscape of life sciences recruitment successfully.

Who We
Partner With

  • bio-tech-icon

    Biotechnology Partners

  • bio-pharm-icon

    Pharmaceutical Partners

  • drugs-icon

    Medical Device Partners

Biotechnology Partners

From genetic engineering to advanced pharmaceuticals, our team matches the brightest minds in biotech with organizations looking to make groundbreaking strides. We recognize the urgency in the sector and ensure our partners are equipped with exceptional candidates.

Pharmaceutical Partners

Our tailored solutions cater to pharmaceutical companies, encompassing key areas such as drug discovery, regulatory affairs, quality control, and manufacturing (CMOs and CDMOs). We leverage industry insights and technology to ensure our partners have the talent they need to drive innovation and success in their operations.

Medical Device Partners

From cutting-edge diagnostics to revolutionary medical technologies, our services are fine tuned to the dynamic field of medical devices. We connect forward-thinking companies with skilled professionals who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare technology.

Life Sciences Solutions


Overcome Talent Scarcity

Our recruiters understand the industry, empowering them to fill the talent gap. You can rely on our team to access top talent faster, providing you with the competitive edge you need.


Scale Resources for Growth

For companies aiming to grow and innovate, hiring is non-negotiable. Our adaptable recruitment solutions allow you to scale your resources swiftly and efficiently to meet your needs.



Making the right hire isn't just about skills. Our approach focuses on identifying candidates who share your values and culture, helping to reduce turnover and create long-term success.


Future-Proof Your Company

Our access to market insights and business intelligence allows us to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that your recruitment strategy evolves in tandem with the industry.

Hueman RPO Benefits

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    We have established relationships with 80+ technology vendors to ensure our partners can access the most innovative recruitment technology solutions available.

  • Customized Solutions

    Our commitment to flexibility and adaptability enables us to create customized programs that cater specifically to the unique needs of our partners.

  • Industry Insights

    With our finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends and advancements, we can respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market.

  • Dedicated Team of Experts

    Our seasoned account managers, strategic leaders, and skilled recruiters focus on your talent acquisition needs, so your team can focus on what they do best.

Life Science employees at computer


Hueman Makes 150 Hard-To-Fill Hires for Life Sciences Organization

Our partner was facing the challenge of limited internal talent acquisition resources and soaring recruiting costs. With Hueman’s tailored approach, tech solutions, and recruiters well-versed in the industry, we were able to increase their hires and achieve a 20% reduction in cost per hire.

A pharma tech using microscope

Experience the Hueman Difference

Why Hueman RPO?

With over 25 years of recruitment experience, Hueman RPO has the expertise to meet the distinctive needs of organizations in the life sciences industry. Our specialized solutions make securing top-tier talent a seamless and efficient process.

Our life sciences recruitment teams achieve faster starts, higher employee retention rates, and reduced hiring costs by utilizing culture-based processes, the latest technology, and our proven best practices. practices.

Our Story

“Hueman has provided valuable insights, allowing our leadership team to make more informed business decisions. The recruiters have been phenomenal and are an integral part of our team. Even with challenging markets, they have delivered quality candidates.”

Amy M.,

VP of HR and Business Transformation

“After 8 years in partnership with Hueman, I would NEVER go back to in-house recruiting again. The scope and depth of Hueman's recruitment tools is wide and deep; not scalable for any in-house Talent Acquisition team.”

Karen G.,

Vice President of Human Resources

“Hueman makes day-to-day tasks with recruitment easier! They are in constant communication regarding candidates and the flow of applicants. I know that if I have an issue, my recruitment partner is there to help resolve it. They are absolutely the best!”

Shannon B. ,

Director of HR

A meeting with life science professionals Life science discussion between two people Meeting with a life science professional

Let's Talk About Life Sciences Recruiting

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