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      At Hueman, we realize that every person and organization is unique. We learn what makes your business unique and then build you a perfect recruitment solution.

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      • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
        With our RPO solutions, we can manage your entire recruitment process, even onboarding, freeing up your HR team to focus on their core responsibilities.
        We have qualified and trained recruiters ready to supplement and support your hiring needs.
        Often referred to as permanent placement, we can help with your on-demand hiring needs.
        Grow your business through employment brand and digital talent marketing solutions.
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      For more than 27 years, we have been providing recruitment solutions to organizations across various industries.

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        Our talent solutions can help hospitals and healthcare systems with staffing shortages and more.
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        Don't let delays in acquiring the right life sciences talent impede your research and drug development.
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        We help the retail industry find skilled customer service professionals to propel your business forward.
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        Our strategic partnership allows us to tackle the complexities of manufacturing talent acquisition head-on.
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        The success of the consumer goods industry hinges on the right product and the right people in the right roles.
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        Attracting qualified professionals for service roles can be challenging. We can help!
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        We help businesses in the hospitality industry find skilled, customer-focused talent to meet their talent needs.
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      At Hueman, our story is about creating positive, people-centric experiences—and we write a new chapter every day.

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        Our company’s story began in 1996 when our Founder, Dwight Cooper, launched a small recruitment firm in his spare bedroom in Jacksonville, Florida.
        Our awards and recognitions reflect our core values, passion, and commitment to our mission.
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The Building Blocks of Recruitment

Manufacturing & Industrial RPO

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Are talent acquisition challenges hindering your manufacturing operations?

Hiring and retaining qualified professionals in the manufacturing and industrial industry is becoming increasingly difficult. This issue can lead to delayed production schedules, problems meeting customer demand, increased costs, and stunted business growth.

At Hueman, we understand the challenges of acquiring top talent in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. That's why our manufacturing RPO solutions are customized to meet your unique needs. Our strategic partnership allows us to tackle the complexities of talent acquisition head-on so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.


Industry-Specific Expertise

Our team of manufacturing recruiters have extensive experience in your sector. We possess a deep understanding of the different roles within the industry, from skilled technicians to management positions.


Cost-Effective Recruitment

With over 27 years of recruiting experience, we excel in delivering top-tier talent efficiently and cost-effectively. We reduce our partner's hiring time by 30% on average while significantly cutting recruitment costs.


Technology Integration

We empower our partners with state-of-the-art tools that streamline hiring processes and elevate efficiency. Our established relationships with over 70 technology vendors give our partners access to the latest recruitment software.


Optimized For Operations

By outsourcing talent acquisition processes to us, your internal teams can focus on core business functions, enhancing overall operational efficiency and enabling your team to focus efforts on driving the core aspects of your business.

Manufacturing RPO Benefits

  • Tailored Recruitment Strategies

    At the beginning of an RPO partnership, our operations team works closely with your team to create customized recruiting strategies that align with your specific hiring requirements. This consultative approach enables us to pinpoint areas where we can streamline the process, identify any shortcomings, and establish a clear roadmap for recruitment success.

  • Uncompromised High-Volume Hiring

    Our RPO recruiters are experts in managing extensive recruitment needs, including high-volume hiring. We use optimized processes and cutting-edge technology to ensure we execute large-scale initiatives without compromising on the quality of hires.

  • Strategic Talent Pipeline Development

    Proactive in our approach, we specialize in developing and maintaining a robust talent pipeline for our partners. By identifying and engaging with potential candidates well in advance, we ensure a continuous flow of qualified individuals ready to meet immediate and future staffing needs.

  • Agile and Scalable Resources

    We have designed our manufacturing recruitment services to adapt to your business needs. Whether you are facing high demand for talent or a slower season, we can adjust to meet your hiring needs.

Two employees working with a machine in a plant

Why choose Hueman?

Manufacturing & Industrial Recruitment Program

At Hueman, we approach every manufacturing RPO partnership with a customized plan to maximize your recruitment processes, setting the stage to bring you a pipeline of quality candidates. Our approach centers around culture, and we work closely with you to understand it.

With a proactive approach to industry hiring trends, innovative recruitment technology integration, and a commitment to operational efficiency, Hueman can be your ally in navigating the complexities of talent acquisition.

Let's Connect

“We need to keep staffing levels up as we are an integral part of the food chain, and the Hueman team is amazing. They take on more and more to support us. Thank you for all you do to support our business.”

VP of Human Resources,

An International Agricultural Food Processing and Manufacturing Leader

“Our dedicated Hueman recruiter has been very effective on our account and understands how to best present our company to candidates. He truly feels like an extension of our in-house recruiting team. The Hueman management team has been flexible and responsive to our needs.”

Director of HR,

A Large Warehouse Automation Company

“I have an amazing team that I work with at Hueman. This team anticipates my needs and supports me in ways that I was not even aware I needed. They are as engaged in our success as I am.”

Director of HR,

An International Food Processing and Manufacturing Leader

A man working on a machine in an industrial facility Three facility workers going over plans on a tablet Two workers in hard hats on the outside of an industrial plant
A worker in an agricultural food manufacturing facility

Manufacturing RPO Success Story

How We Saved $500k+ for an Agricultural Food Processing and Manufacturing Leader

Faced with heavy reliance on contingent agencies and temporary labor, our partner, a leading player in international agricultural food processing and manufacturing, sought a transformative solution for their hiring challenges.

We launched a custom RPO program to meet our partner's annual hiring needs for hard-to-fill roles, eliminating their spending on contingent firms while increasing applicant quality by 50%. The first year's success prompted our partner to entrust us with the hiring responsibilities for all their plant locations across the United States, extending our collaboration beyond the corporate facility.

People in a manufacturing plant working on a tablet

Why Hueman RPO

Experience the Hueman Difference

At Hueman, we approach every RPO partnership with a customized plan to maximize your recruitment processes, setting the stage to bring you a pipeline of quality candidates. Our approach centers around culture, and we work closely with you to understand it.

When you partner with us for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), you will be provided access to a team of manufacturing recruiters who will be entirely dedicated to your account and work exclusively for you.

Our team will become experts in your brand and work tirelessly to represent it in the best possible light when speaking with candidates and hiring managers.