Partner Success Story

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Hueman RPO's long-term partnership with leader in rehabilitation results in 8,000+ hires

Our Partner

A leader in rehabilitation, skilled nursing and assisted living

The Challenge

Our partner wanted to reduce their agency spend and required a more efficient recruitment program to expand their candidate reach to support the growth of their future locations.

Our Solution

We partnered to improve their current program, decrease agency usage, and recruit for hard-to-fill therapy roles. Throughout our 11+ year partnership, we have strengthened recruitment and optimized SEO, having implemented a new technology for our partner and assisted with rewriting their job descriptions. This initiative has increased both the number and quality of applicants. Additionally, we introduced formal service level agreements (SLA) for time-to-fill requirement, resulting in an overall decrease in time to fill.

Hueman's team is easy to work with and communicates with me throughout the process.

Our Results

Our ability to rapidly find and provide quality candidates led to an expanded partnership to support recruitment for all positions across each of our partner’s facilities. With more than 11+ years of collaboration, we are considered part of the strategic team, and continue to work together to evolve the recruitment function. As a trusted partner, our Executive Search division was engaged to successfully fill the vice president of human resources position twice.

To evaluate our success and areas to evolve, we conduct surveys with each of our partners. Our most recent score was 4.9/5 for our candidate survey rating and 4.6/5 for our hiring manager rating.

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About Us

Hueman focuses on building partnerships through culture-based recruitment. These solutions help meet the financial needs of our partners while improving employee engagement and reducing turnover. To learn more about Hueman's culture-based recruitment programs, visit or email us at