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Hueman RPO partners with automotive dealership to create a culture-based recruitment program

Our Partner

Automotive dealership expanding their nation-wide presence

The Challenge

Our partner—a growing automotive dealership with five locations—had plans to expand nationwide; eleven stores within a year. Their largest obstacles were finding sales consultants with extensive sales and customer service backgrounds in addition to being a fit for their brand's culture, while also simultaneously hiring whole-house staff in a timely manner for the opening of the new stores.

Our Solution

We partnered with the organization's HR leaders to create an enterprise-wide strategic recruitment plan to meet their immediate and long-term needs. With our expertise in culture-based recruitment and recruiting for sales-specific roles, we developed specific candidate personas to help attract more quality candidates that would be a match for their culture. Our team supported recruitment for eleven new store openings in addition to filling roles for their existing locations.

Our Results

In less than one year, we made 200+ hires for eleven store locations scattered throughout Denver, Co, San Antonio, TX, and Jacksonville, FL. One of the top positions filled included sales consultants in addition to automobile technicians. We were able to present candidates that fit their culture and brand in a timeframe that allowed for adequate training prior to new store openings.

  • Increased candidate flow
  • Increased the number of qualified candidates per offer
  • Reduced time-to-fill
  • Sourced hard-to-fill positions

About Us

Hueman focuses on building partnerships through culture-based recruitment. These solutions help meet the financial needs of our partners while improving employee engagement and reducing turnover. To learn more about Hueman's culture-based recruitment programs, visit or email us at