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Hueman RPO helps meat processing and manufacturing partner with quick hiring ramp up for new facility

Our Partner

An international market leader in meat processing and manufacturing

The Challenge

Our partner required a recruitment strategy for high volume staffing to support the highly anticipated opening of their brand-new facility. They needed to facilitate quick sourcing and hiring for both production workers and salaried staff that were a match for their company culture.

Our Solution

To reach a most captive audience, our dedicated recruiters turned to social media, creating a city-specific Facebook group. The group focused on job sourcing and recruiting candidates located in the new facility’s vicinity. We encouraged local businesses and community leaders to join the group, using it as a tool to market our partner’s hiring event. As job inquiries came in via the Facebook group, our recruiters responded with a sense of urgency, using a template that directed candidates to apply via our partner’s ATS.

As the Facebook group grew, our team leveraged this medium as a single platform to advertise jobs. Our strategic marketing in the Facebook group led to a large turnout at our partner’s hiring event.

Our Results

Our recruiters were present at the in-person two-day hiring event to ensure heightened efficiency for the interview process and make sure candidate applications were properly submitted to the ATS. In the span of the two-day event, three hiring managers interviewed 113 candidates, and as a result, hired 103 new employees. Following the success of this hiring event, we organized and marketed a subsequent pop-up event for our partner, where they hired an additional 82 candidates.

We were contracted for this nine-month project to hire 230 employees which included our team handling all marketing, sourcing, screening, and scheduling of interviews. In six months, we hired 338 employees, which was 108 employees over our partner's original goal in less than their nine-month timeframe.

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