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Hueman RPO implements robust digital recruitment marketing strategy, driving increased candidate flow

Our Partner

A market-leading consumer packaged food company focused on protein

The Challenge

Our partner, experiencing significant business growth with 'net new' locations, encountered extensive recruitment challenges for their current locations as well as their new locations. Those challenges included:

  • efficiently and effectively sourcing and hiring candidates in rural locations across the U.S.;
  • hiring for culture and quality;
  • lack of consistent processes, impacting costs;
  • inability to flex and scale resources to meet business demands; and
  • lack of innovation, technology, best practices, and strategy.

Our Solution

We partnered with our client and established two teams of recruiters—one team focused on recruiting for current plant locations and one team focused on their net new locations. To establish effective recruiting processes, we worked with our client to implement a robust digital recruitment marketing strategy which involved reviewing their employee value proposition (EVP), evaluating their overall digital presence and messaging, developing candidate personas, and integrating a candidate aggregator with their ATS to effectively engage candidates.

Our Results

In addition to recruitment support, our team worked to improve our client's overall candidate experience including the job application process, online reputation, and EVP management. We implemented several digital recruitment marketing tactics that greatly enhanced the overall candidate and hiring manager experience. Those tactics included:

  • Simplifying the application process and modifying job postings for SEO optimization, driving a significant increase in applicant flow
  • Evaluating EVP and messaging on all digital channels, including claiming company pages and enhancing their Indeed company page
  • Facilitating local partnerships with local colleges, unemployment offices, and chambers of commerce to increase brand visibility of job openings
  • Developing candidate personas to effectively generate quality candidates matching their company culture
  • Integrating a candidate aggregator with our partner's ATS to effectively engage candidates
  • Creating a world-class candidate and hiring manager experience with proven processes to effectively drive more optimal candidates while decreasing time spent by hiring managers on the recruitment process

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