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Hueman RPO improves TA process and fills hard-to-fill technical roles

Our Partner

A home automation company with locations across the globe

The Challenge

Our partner found it challenging to source and hire many of the technical roles needed in their organization. They lacked a standardized interview process and had many unnecessary interview stages that were causing them to miss out on quality candidates. Additionally, interview panels needed to be more diverse, and candidates were often no-shows to interviews.

Our Solution

Our partner engaged Hueman’s RPO solutions to source and fill their technical roles, including:

  • Software engineers, ranging from staff to director-level roles
  • Front and back-end web developers
  • Full-stack web developers
  • Multimedia developers
  • AVP & .NET developers
Hueman improved the candidate experience by implementing a strategy aligned with recruitment best practices, focused on maximizing efficiencies and enhancing communication. Hueman recruiters also offered a more personalized approach to candidate communications by providing thorough information about technical assessments, setting expectations before interviews, and sending direct emails rather than relying on ATS templated communications.

Our Results

Hueman’s recruitment strategy improved the overall candidate experience and left a lasting impression on candidates that chose to interview for other recommended roles. Hueman brought a diverse perspective to interview panels and brought top talent to the table. Additionally, Hueman’s overall fill rates were higher, on average, than our partner's internal recruiters.

Topics: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Recruitment Strategy, RPO, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Professional Services, Integrated RPO

About Us

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