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Hueman enacts diversity recruiting strategy for regional health system

Our Partner

Leading health system in southeast comprised of hospitals and clinics

The Challenge

Our partner's goal in conducting a broad diversity initiative was to ensure that 35% of the candidates for their RN residency program (one class per quarter) reflected diverse backgrounds.

Our Solution

We worked closely with our partner to understand their overall diversity goals and develop a recruitment strategy to support them. We hired a dedicated diversity recruiter who developed strong relationships with HBCUs and conducted career days with surrounding colleges, in addition to determining the optimal mix of diverse job boards. Our recruiter also refreshed all career and promotional collateral to reflect the diverse employee population our partner desired.

Our Results

Prior to implementing a diversity recruitment strategy for the RN residency program, diverse candidates represented 22% of the class. With the implementation of our diversity recruitment plan, we exceeded our partner's goal, achieving a 38% diversity mix. To date, we have met or exceeded our partner's diversity goal for each RN residency class.

Topics: Healthcare, Recruitment Strategy, RPO, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Enterprise RPO, Diversity

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