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Hueman RPO helps large health system significantly improve talent acquisition program

Our Partner

A regional southeast health system comprised of six hospitals, hundreds of clinics

The Challenge

Our partner was seeking an external partner to improve their overall recruitment and talent acquisition process to help:

  • reduce time-to-fill
  • recruit for hard-to-fill clinical roles
  • increase their RN experience level
  • decrease reliance on traveler nurses

Our Solution

Initially, we partnered with our client to support hiring for their hard-to-fill openings within a single unit. After filling those openings in 90 days, and removing all travel RN utilization in that unit, our partner quickly expanded our program to all RN hiring. Now 11+ years later, we are responsible for recruitment enterprise-wide, from job description development and optimization to digital recruitment marketing to on-boarding. Our team has created a seamless talent acquisition process to ensure the highest quality experience for prospective candidates and internal stakeholders. Most recently, we implemented a dedicated diversity recruiter to support our partner's diversity hiring goals. Our recruiting team makes, on average, 5,000+ hires each year within RN, LPN, MA, allied, non-clinical, and leadership roles.

Our Results

  • Significantly reduced hiring manager time spent reviewing candidate profiles
  • Increased external hires
  • Removed all travelers from specific units
  • Improved hiring manager satisfaction and candidate experience

Topics: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Healthcare, Recruitment Strategy, RPO, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Enterprise RPO, Total Talent

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