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Hueman RPO helps HVAC partner reduce time-to-fill

Our Partner

A large, niche HVAC manufacturing and service organization

The Challenge

Our partner was experiencing significant business growth and was unable to meet their talent acquisition needs quickly enough to support that growth. Specifically, our partner was struggling with time-to-fill, exacerbated by their hiring processes.

Our Solution

At the beginning of our partnership, we evaluated our partner's current recruitment methods and strategized with leaders on expediting the recruitment process. We implemented an end-to-end recruitment solution while integrating robust technology tools to enhance the overall candidate experience. In doing so, candidate experience was improved and hiring managers were able to verify the quality of candidates faster, resulting in a 16-day reduction in time-to-fill.

Our Results

A collaborative partnership approach facilitated immediate trust between our organizations. An understanding of the true value of RPO granted us the opportunity to implement a scalable and flexible solution to support our partner's growth, resulting in an enhanced recruitment process and candidate experience and saving the organization $200k + in costs related to reduction in time-to-fill.

Topics: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Recruitment Strategy, RPO, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Manufacturing & Industrial, Enterprise RPO, Integrated RPO

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