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Hueman RPO implements successful long-term recruitment strategy and DEI plan

Our Partner

Academic medical center with an international reputation for quality medical care and research

The Challenge

Our long-term partner has a continued goal to create a diverse workforce that closely aligns with their local patient population. In 2020, our partner focused on a renewed effort to increase the diversity of their leadership team.

Our Solution

Our partner asked our team to help implement a DEI recruitment plan to help strengthen diversity hiring. We worked together with our partner to understand their overall diversity goals, and then developed a specific plan to impact the diversification of their leadership team. Some key implementations that helped us to recruit a diverse slate of candidates included:

  • Updated intake calls with hiring managers to encourage conversations around inclusivity/diversity hiring
  • Launching a behavioral interview/implicit bias training for all interviewers
  • Community partnerships to deepen our DEI relationships
  • AIRS Diversity Recruiter Certification

Our Results

Through implementing a number of DEI-focused recruitment tactics, our partner was able to increase their diversity hires by more than 40%+ over two years.

About Us

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