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Hueman RPO helps non-acute healthcare provider meet demand for specialty physician hires

Our Partner

Non-acute healthcare company with more than 600 locations nationwide

The Challenge

Our partner, a non-acute wound care provider, has amassed hundreds of locations across the country. With the challenge of finding specialized physicians as contracts with hospitals expanded, our partner needed to find a solution to fill their physician roles for non-acute wound care services.

Our Solution

As a current partner for recruiting clinical and non-clinical roles, Hueman was asked to begin providing recruiting support for their physicians. After assessing our partner's needs, we recommended that some of their physician roles could be filled by nurse practitioners. Our strategy involved targeting nurse practitioners with critical care or similar backgrounds that would have the experience to match the level of care provided by wound care physicians.

Our Results

Our deep understanding of the healthcare industry allowed us to be a strategic partner and successfully meet the demands of these hard-to-fill specialty care provider roles.

In our first year of physician recruitment support, we increased provider hires by 61%+ YOY, hiring 75 clinicians (a mix of physicians and nurse practitioners). Additionally, we decreased the time-to-fill (from posting the position to onboarding and training) from an average of 180 days down to an average of 108 days.

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