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Hueman RPO helps non-acute healthcare partner establish effective recruitment strategies for hard-to-fill physician requisitions

Our Partner

Non-acute healthcare company with retail locations throughout the east and midwest

The Challenge

With extensive growth, our partner needed to hire 100+ optometrists but lacked an effective process to drive the quality and quantity of hires. Without an ATS, our partner did not have the ability to properly nurture candidates. There were no best practices in place for proper sourcing such as a marketing strategy, recruiter goal setting, and access to market intelligence.

Our Solution

Hueman dedicated five recruiters and one sourcer as added support to our partner's internal talent acquisition team. Our team implemented an appropriate ATS to enhance the recruitment process, and a strategic recruitment plan focused on targeting new graduates and passive candidates.

Our Results

In addition to successfully recruiting and hiring the physician talent needed to meet the growth of our partner's business, we were able to map hires to their actual budgets. This mapping aided our partner with forecasting for their entire revenue cycle, allowing their talent acquisition leaders to focus more on a big-picture strategy.

Because of our success, our partner has asked Hueman to manage their internal recruiting team. Our leadership team serves as a strategic talent advisor to our partner, having recently proposed incentive-based hiring practices such as a relocation package and referral program to drive a more effective and competitive hiring process.

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