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Hueman RPO helps new business establish recruitment process and organically increases candidate flow

Our Partner

A regional primary medical care group

The Challenge

As a newly established organization, our partner had no formal recruitment processes in place. As a result, the HR managers were struggling to fill positions and move candidates through onboarding and credentialing in a timely manner.

Our Solution

Our first task involved working closely with the organization's leadership team to establish a formal recruitment process. To do this, we implemented an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a formal job application process. Once the ATS system was firmly established, we focused on the sourcing and recruitment process, quality management, on-boarding and credentialing.

To supplement organic growth, we executed a robust digital recruitment marketing program, optimizing social media advertisements and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

Our Results

A deep understanding of our partner's business and core values led to success in identifying candidates best suited for their organization. The implementation of a digital marketing strategy resulted in a significant increase in organic candidate flow with over 12,000 applicants in four months. We presented nearly 600 candidates to our partner, making over 300 hires in four months.

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