Partner Success Story

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Hueman RPO partners with nationwide micromobility organization, becoming hiring manager for entry level positions

Our Partner

A nationwide retail, operations, and logistics organization focused on micromobility

The Challenge

Our partner was in need of a recruitment partner to handle talent acquisition and help improve retention. Inconsistencies in hiring across eight very distinct markets proved challenging for our partner. The New York City market, for example, may require 30 bike mechanics, while the Boston market may only need one mechanic in the same timeframe.

Our Solution

Upon Hueman’s initial engagement, Hueman recruiters were responsible for pre-screening candidates before sending them to the hiring manager. When our partner faced a shift in leadership, the new director of talent acquisition saw an opportunity to further improve efficiencies. As a result of our hiring successes in the first few months of the partnership, Hueman was promoted to a hiring manager role to make direct hires for entry-level roles. Finally, because of the seasonal demands in our partner's business, Hueman's structure provides the flexibility needed to meet the increases and decreases in hiring demand at various times throughout the year.

Our Results

During the first 6 months of the partnership, Hueman made over 900 successful hires for our partner. To date, Hueman has made 2,500+ hires with a submit-to-hire ratio of 1:3. Our partner continues to be pleased with Hueman’s proven ability to lead and scale recruitment efforts to meet their specific needs, especially during their busy retail seasons.

About Us

Hueman focuses on building partnerships through culture-based recruitment. These solutions help meet the financial needs of our partners while improving employee engagement and reducing turnover. To learn more about Hueman's culture-based recruitment programs, visit or email us at