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Hueman RPO rapidly recruits for health system to support increased census amid COVID-19

Our Partner

A university-based healthcare system in the Mid-Atlantic region

The Challenge

Due to COVID-19, our partner needed immediate support to increase hiring to provide care for the influx of patients.

Our Solution

Already engaged in recruiting for hard-to-fill positions, we quickly deployed 12 additional recruiters, to our team of 7, to facilitate the rapidly growing census. We worked with our partner to merge their formal recruitment process with our innovative marketing campaigns to re-engage new and past candidates. We utilized digital recruitment marketing tactics such as Indeed's candidate outreach, targeted email campaigns, sponsored job postings, and advertising strategies to increase candidate flow.

We have a very collaborative relationship with the Hueman People Solutions leadership team. They are ultra-responsive, nimble to adjust when needed, and express both in words and in action their commitment to deliver. It is such a pleasure working with our Huemans!

–Director, Talent Acquisition

Our Results

Over two months, we successfully sourced and hired over 1,800 new employees. We were able to fill positions faster and more efficiently than the contract recruiters also employed to support this ramp. Due to our success, our partner has engaged our team as exclusive hiring support for their talent acquisition team. Our flexibility and scalability propelled a strong partnership that has enabled our partner to decrease their costs and overall agency usage and increase their overall speed to hire.

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