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Hueman RPO future-proofs Adventist HealthCare's TA strategy

Our Partner

Adventist HealthCare, a not-for-profit healthcare system in the Mid-Atlantic


The Situation

Hueman was initially engaged by Adventist to help strengthen their internal talent acquisition strategy with a focus on recruiting for hard-to-fill openings in the emergency department. After the first year of successful partnership, Hueman was asked to take on additional recruiting responsibilities across the entire Adventist HealthCare system.

Most recently, following Adventist's acquisition of Howard University Hospital (HUH), Hueman’s partnership expanded again to support talent acquisition for HUH. As a result of the expansion and existing partnership, Hueman was tasked with TA leadership responsibilities to support both Hueman recruiters as well as Adventist’s internal recruiting team. The recruiting team, led by Hueman’s TA Director, includes 16 Hueman recruiters, 3 Hueman recruitment managers, and 10 Adventist recruiters. Today, we make 3,000+ hires per year on behalf of 500+ hiring managers across Adventist HealthCare’s system.

Our Results

Over five years of partnership has helped establish a highly collaborative relationship with Adventist’s leadership team and hiring managers. Hueman has worked with the leadership team to establish the optimal balance of Adventist recruiting resources and Hueman resources to support the natural ebbs and flows in their workforce. For example, with the surge in patient census during the pandemic, Hueman worked with Adventist to implement a float pool model, strategically developing a system to allocate internal talent from various locations to take on work across their entire system based on the fluctuations in patient census.

Having a Hueman TA Director leading both Hueman recruiters and Adventist internal recruiters has encouraged a strong team dynamic and synchronous service delivery.

Key Partnership Value + Benefits

The established partnership between Hueman and Adventist ensures a future-proofed TA strategy regardless of what challenges in the talent market that may arise. Additionally, Adventist’s team can remain focused on tackling new and arising HR challenges outside of talent acquisition, while ensuring that their talent acquisition needs are always handled. For example, while Adventist's leadership team dealt with the repercussions of the pandemic, Hueman was able to continue with business as usual so as not to disrupt an already established talent acquisition strategy.

Key value and benefits of the partnership include:

  • Great candidate and hiring manager experience
  • Quality candidates who match Adventist’s culture and value
  • TA leadership and best practices
  • Ability to scale up or down with engaged team members
  • Digital recruitment marketing expertise
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Tech stack optimization
  • Seamless alignment with Adventist's culture and values

You can’t tell the difference between a Hueman team member and us. They learned our culture and used their skill and professionalism to deliver their services. They’re just YOU, they just become you…Hueman’s team is very close, they are part of our team. We celebrate together, we grieve together, and we’ve done that for the last five years.”

– Carlos Vargas, VP of HR & Technology, Adventist HealthCare


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