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Hueman RPO helps food manufacturing partner increase quality applications and hiring for culture-fit

Our Partner

An international agricultural food processing and manufacturing leader

The Challenge

With no internal recruiters, our partner was leveraging 25-30 contingent agencies for all of their corporate hiring, in addition to relying heavily on temporary labor. They began looking for a solution to:

  • drive a more impactful candidate experience;
  • hire for culture and a true match with their company values;
  • free up time spent by HR leaders and hiring managers on talent acquisition; and
  • reduce contingent recruitment spend.

Our Solution

We launched a custom RPO program to meet our partner's annual hiring needs for hard-to-fill roles and decrease spend with contingent firms. Additionally, we implemented an ATS to enhance their candidate experience and establish a formal applicant pool. With providing one dedicated recruiter and additional support from our marketing, operations, and training teams, we were able to significantly reduce our partner's spend, by eliminating contingent partners. Additionally, we were able to increase the volume of quality applicant submissions and ultimately hire candidates that are a great fit with our partner's culture and values. They went from having a candidate pool of zero to a pool of over 14K candidates in less than one year.

With successful first-year results, our partner asked us to take on hiring for all of their plant locations across the United States in addition to their corporate office.

When we first started our partnership, the VP of Operations told us, "if you succeed in hiring for our corporate location, there is no way you can hire for our plant facilities—they are two very different animals." Not only did we take on hiring for their plant locations nationwide, but we were able to exceed their expectations. Today, we continue to support all facets of their hiring for their corporate office and across all of their nationwide plant locations.

During Covid19, we implemented a streamlined hiring process to assist their HR team during the company’s hiring freeze. We used food-service-specific job boards and Indeed’s free hiring events to strengthen the quality and number of applicants. During this time, there was a significant rise in the need for hourly and temporary recruitment to support the increase in demand. We were able to fill 15-20 positions per month and keep temporary employees engaged longer than the average monthly stay when using their contingent partners.

Things are crazy as you can imagine with COVID-19. Your team is amazing, and taking on more and more to support us. We need to keep staffing levels up as we are an integral part of the food chain. Thank you for all you do to support our business. - VP of Human Resources

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