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Hueman RPO saves partner $3M+ in traveler costs

Our Partner

A leading regional health system in the southeast comprised of hospitals and clinics

The Challenge

When our partner began seeing a traveler usage increase, they decided to review the trend to determine how to reduce their annual spend. A mix of exponential growth paralleled with increased turnover resulted in clinical candidate shortages across multiple units. The health system, at the time, employed 31 travelers and consistently saw a monthly increase in traveler headcount.

Our Solution

To help make a material impact on their bottom line, we began recruiting efforts to hire permanent employees for specific units across multiple locations.

I was charged with reducing premium labor spend and recognized a good, yet challenging opportunity with travelers. Hueman's recruitment team worked hand in hand with hiring managers and RN leadership to ensure a strong focus on these units. Ultimately, this led to a material decrease in expenses. -SVP of HR

Our Results

Over seven months, we were able to help our partner reduce the number of travelers from 31 to nine, meeting the goal set by the SVP of HR. Premium spend decreased by $3 million per year, exceeding the original goal by $1 million. With no plans to return to an increased traveler usage model, the health system can expect to see $2.8 million in incremental savings every year.

Topics: Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Enterprise RPO

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