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Hueman RPO saves partner from losing all Indeed organic visibility, traffic, and applications

Our Partner

Academic medical center known for quality care and research

The Challenge

When our partner expanded a new division, Indeed flagged their XML feed changes for violating Indeed rules. This caused our partner to lose all organic visibility, traffic, and applications. Our partner was unaware they had been flagged nor did they know that they lost this avenue for reaching candidates.

Our Solution

Our team quickly realized there was a shift in the number of applications, so we immediately audited our partner's ATS set-up and identified that our partner was not receiving Indeed organic results. Our team worked with our partner's ATS contacts to update the naming conventions and XML feed to be in compliance with Indeed rules. We then worked with the Indeed aggregation team to clarify the corrected structure and petition for organic visibility to be reinstated for all jobs.

Our Results

We were able to get Indeed approval and all jobs were granted organic status.

The following key metrics are based on Indeed analytics and shows the changes between the timeframe 8/2019 – 12/2019 (Indeed violation) compared to 01/2020 – 05/2020 (correction to Indeed violation).

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