Partner Success Story

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Hueman RPO implements strategic recruitment program with 90%+ satisfaction rating

Our Partner

Large, innovative skilled nursing facility

The Challenge

Leadership at this organization was seeking a dedicated recruitment partner to address hiring challenges with their hard-to-fill therapy positions, in addition to expanding a small candidate pool and their organization's reach.

Our Solution

We partnered with the organization to produce a comprehensive full-cycle recruitment program, managing all aspects from job requisition creation through onboarding. Throughout program implementation, we worked with the leadership team to develop new marketing and branding programs, establish a streamlined recruitment process, install the client's first ATS system and establish a full due diligence and onboarding process.

Our Results

We make an average of 1,000+ hires for our partner each year across all job disciplines in 10 locations—each with over 120 beds. As partners for 10+ years, we have continued to grow and innovate the recruitment process by refining the organization's drug screening, pre-employment, and onboarding processes to drive down the time-to-start and improve the overall recruitment and hiring processes.

Topics: Healthcare, Recruitment Strategy, RPO, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Enterprise RPO, Total Talent

About Us

Hueman focuses on building partnerships through culture-based recruitment. These solutions help meet the financial needs of our partners while improving employee engagement and reducing turnover. To learn more about Hueman's culture-based recruitment programs, visit or email us at