Partner Success Story

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Hueman RPO increases candidates sourced, decreases time-to-fill, and improves candidate quality

Our Partner

A company comprised of two large skilled nursing facilities

The Challenge

Our partner faced tremendous difficulty recruiting for nursing (RN, LPN, CNA) and dietary positions. The contributing factors included their rural locations, low candidate volumes, and a prevailing nurse shortage in the state. This resulted in high premium labor spends, including staffing agency usage and significant overtime pay.

Our Solution

We worked with our partner to develop and implement a comprehensive talent management solution, including people and technology resources. Our recruiters assumed responsibility and accountability for filling nursing and dietary openings in both communities. Our recruiters were dedicated to representing our partner's brand while sourcing and recruiting candidates.

Our Results

Tasked with oversight for all aspects of hiring, our dedicated recruiter handled sourcing, screening, interview scheduling and offer management. Utilizing this approach, we created a seamless process, ensuring the highest quality experience for all prospective candidates and internal stakeholders.

Topics: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Healthcare, RPO, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Integrated RPO

About Us

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