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Hueman RPO recruiters receive "raving fan" score on partner's internal survey

Our Partner

A university-based, health care system in the Mid-Atlantic region with 150+ locations

Initial Engagement

Hueman was initially engaged with our partner to help them hire for hard-to-fill roles in their rehabilitation department. After 3+ years of partnership, Hueman has 7 dedicated recruiters to support their hard-to-fill and volume roles for clinical and non-clinical areas across their system.

Internal Survey

Our partner conducts regular surveys to measure satisfaction as it relates to their experience with internal and external recruiters. These surveys, called “Voice of the Customer,” are distributed to hiring managers and candidates, offering them an opportunity to rate their experience with their recruiter.

The survey questions use a sliding scale from one to seven points, 1-3 being a dissatisfied customer, 4-5 being indifferent, and 6-7 being a raving fan. Our partner employs several internal recruiters in addition to the 7 Hueman recruiters, who serve as an extension of their internal team.

Our Results

After analyzing the recruiter surveys, it was found that the Hueman recruiters scored at least one point higher than each internal recruiter for every question. The overall average for Hueman recruiter feedback was a 6.5, otherwise known as a “raving fan.” This high score demonstrates Hueman’s success in assimilating to our partner’s culture and commitment to over-performing to deliver the best quality service.


Your recruiter is logical, unequivocally passionate about filling difficult positions and has a personality that is relatable and optimistic. We are staffed to the best of our applicant pool as possible with your recruiter pushing the rock up the hill to help us move forward again and again." - Hiring Manager Survey Comment

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