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Real Talk on Talent: Core Values & Company Culture

Dina and Hilary explore 'Culture by Design' in talent acquisition and unpack the transformative power of core values. They also give an insider's look at crafting a company vibe that resonates with both employees and customers.

Explore the intersection of organizational culture and personal strengths and how cultural identity can impact job satisfaction. Gain insights into how cultures can evolve through employee initiatives and how this evolution affects every aspect of the workplace.

Video Description


- Hilary welcomes Dina and mentions Dina’s recent travels.
- Dina talks about attending conferences in Miami, San Diego, and pushing for a conference in Hawaii.
- Hilary mentions facilitating a panel on recruiting frontline staff and Dina confirms her attendance.

Topic: Culture and Core Values

- Hilary highlights Dina’s recent recognition for being an influential woman in RPO.
- Dina acknowledges the recognition and encourages listeners to check out her LinkedIn profile.
- Hilary asks how they want to jump into the topic of culture.
- Dina suggests starting big picture and defining culture.
- Hilary offers her view of culture as “organizational vibes.”
- Dina acknowledges that “vibes” might be an amorphous term.
- Hilary mentions Hueman’s focus on “culture by design” and asks Dina to elaborate on how this works with company culture.
- Dina explains that Hueman has a focus on creating a great employment experience through core values.
- She emphasizes that these core values dictate workplace culture and that selecting people who reflect these values strengthens the culture.
- Hilary clarifies that companies can’t necessarily control their culture but can be thoughtful in shaping it.
- Dina agrees and emphasizes the importance of core values.
- Hilary discusses the importance of behaviors reflecting core values and how this can lead to a more consistent culture.
- Dina acknowledges the importance of participation in company culture and how it can look different for different people.
- Hilary mentions Hueman’s core values: excellence, teamwork, trust, change, and service.
- They share their favorite core values from Hueman (Dina - change; Hilary - excellence).
- Hilary asks Dina where TA leaders might miss the mark regarding culture by design.
- Dina says it’s important for companies to understand their core values and integrate them into the hiring process.
- She emphasizes asking interview questions that target a candidate’s experience working on teams.

Culture Assessment and Change

- Hilary asks how to define or address a situation where a company culture has gotten ahead of itself.
- Dina suggests looking within the organization to identify the values employees bring to work.
- Hilary emphasizes the importance of being rooted in reality when designing culture.
- Dina agrees that core values should reflect existing values within the company.

Importance of Culture

- Hilary emphasizes that culture is more influential than mission in the day-to-day experience.
- Dina agrees and mentions how a company’s culture is evident in how employees interact with each other.
- Hilary acknowledges the importance of authenticity within the company culture.
- Dina reflects on her 15 years at Hueman and how the culture has evolved to embrace outside influences.
- Hilary highlights the value of a strong culture for employee engagement and organizational success.

Correction Section

- They introduce a new segment called the “correction section.”
- Dina corrects Hilary’s statement about “hot takes” emerging in the 90s.
- According to Dina, hot takes became popular around 2012 based on Merriam-Webster information.

Hot Takes on Hot Topics

- Whitney presents the hot topic: Wendy’s considering surge pricing throughout the day.
- Dina criticizes Wendy’s for trying to be like Uber with surge pricing.
- She suggests that restaurants should stick to established promotional strategies like early bird specials and happy hour.
- Hilary agrees with Dina and criticizes the inconsistency of surge pricing for restaurants.
- Hilary offers two perspectives:
   - Maybe surge pricing is a new concept that people need to get used to.
   - Surge pricing might be a way to address staffing shortages by requiring fewer employees during slow periods.
- Dina compliments Hilary for looping the conversation back to people.

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