When Sudden Hiring Needs Arise, We'll Be There.

Hiring a full-time recruiter is tough enough. But, when that person is a contractor, it adds another level of uncertainty. Are they invested? Do they care about your core values and mission? Take the fear out of hiring a contract recruiter by hiring one of ours. We take on the risk. Managed by Hueman's leaders, our recruiters will immerse themselves in your culture, recruiting during your time of need.

Is Contract Recruitment Right for You?

Our single-seat option is ideal for companies that need a boost to their in-house recruitment team, or that need a Specialist to focus on a specific stage of the Talent Acquisition process. Our contract recruiters are hired, trained and managed by us—but operate in your existing infrastructure. Think of it as "plug and play."

FLMA Leave

FLMA Leave

Life happens. We'll fill in until your recruiters are ready to come back to work.

Need help with upcoming projects?

Upcoming Projects

You can't always predict when projects will arise that require additional employees. We'll make sure you’re staffed up and ready for go-live!

Opening of Additional Location

Opening of Additional Location

Opening a new location is stressful enough. Let us take on recruitment for your new space so you don’t have to.

Company Growth

Company Growth

You're growing. That's great! We'll help you hire the best candidates - and quickly - so you can keep growing!

Let's give your recruitment team an extra boost.

Benefits of Contract Recruitment

  • No Training Required
    No Training Required Our recruiters go through extensive training. You’ll have a dedicated and trained professional who knows the tricks to successful recruitment.
  • Hueman Managed
    Hueman-Managed Our managers will provide oversight and direction to your contract recruiter.
  • Simple Transition
    Simple Transition We’ll work with you to understand your organization’s direction and recruitment strategy. Our experience across multiple platforms and settings allows for a seamless transition.
  • Culture-based Hiring
    Culture-based Hiring Hiring for culture is the foundation of our business and we promise to grasp and recruit for yours as well.

Case Study

Large Midwestern Academic Medical Center
Improve recruitment volumes and candidate quality.
Partner to provide system-wide talent management support.


Total hires
Hires each year
Reduction in days to fill from 50 days to 32 days
Reduction in recruitment marketing costs in year one of partnership

Hire a contract recruiter.