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    • Recruitment Solutions

      At Hueman, we realize that every person and organization is unique. We learn what makes your business unique and then build you a perfect recruitment solution.

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      • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
        With our RPO solutions, we can manage your entire recruitment process, even onboarding, freeing up your HR team to focus on their core responsibilities.
        We have qualified and trained recruiters ready to supplement and support your hiring needs.
        Often referred to as permanent placement, we can help with your on-demand hiring needs.
        Grow your business through employment brand and digital talent marketing solutions.
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      For more than 27 years, we have been providing recruitment solutions to organizations across various industries.

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      • Healthcare RPO
        Our talent solutions can help hospitals and healthcare systems with staffing shortages and more.
      • Life Sciences RPO
        Don't let delays in acquiring the right life sciences talent impede your research and drug development.
      • Retail RPO
        We help the retail industry find skilled customer service professionals to propel your business forward.
      • Manufacturing RPO
        Our strategic partnership allows us to tackle the complexities of manufacturing talent acquisition head-on.
      • Consumer Goods RPO
        The success of the consumer goods industry hinges on the right product and the right people in the right roles.
      • Professional Services RPO
        Attracting qualified professionals for service roles can be challenging. We can help!
      • Hospitality RPO
        We help businesses in the hospitality industry find skilled, customer-focused talent to meet their talent needs.
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      At Hueman, our story is about creating positive, people-centric experiences—and we write a new chapter every day.

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      • Our Story
        Our company’s story began in 1996 when our Founder, Dwight Cooper, launched a small recruitment firm in his spare bedroom in Jacksonville, Florida.
        Our awards and recognitions reflect our core values, passion, and commitment to our mission.
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      Check out our guides, blog posts, tools, and success stories to improve your recruitment efforts. We're sure you'll find something valuable. Explore today!

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RPO Program Features & Essentials

When you work with an RPO partner, certain features and essentials are included in your recruiting package. However, a top-notch RPO provider will tailor those solutions to meet your talent acquisition needs.


This video will review various RPO features and essentials included in a good program.

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Video Overview:

This video explores the essential features of an effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program and how they can benefit your organization's talent acquisition strategy.

  1. Dedicated Recruiting Experts:

    • Focus: A dedicated team of recruiting experts will fully commit to finding the best candidates for your open positions.

    • Enhancement: A good RPO partner continuously seeks to improve your talent acquisition process, system, and structure.

  2. Technology Solutions:

    • Sourcing Stage: Includes setting up an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), managing job board accounts, accessing candidate databases, and utilizing referral tools.

    • Engagement: Utilizing recruitment tools such as a CRM for effective communication, including text messaging capabilities.

    • Vet Candidates: Access to skill and behavioral assessment tools, reference and background check software, and video interviewing technology to ensure thorough vetting.

    • Hiring Stage: Guidance for closing requisitions within an ATS, access to an onboarding suite, and performance tracking through reporting tools.

    • Blended Approach: Combining technology with a personal touch ensures candidates feel valued.

  3. Digital Marketing Expertise:

    • Marketing Tech Optimization: Enhance your career website and improve candidate flow through ATS and other platforms.

    • Job Advertising: Develop comprehensive ad campaigns to attract the best candidates by thoroughly researching open positions and understanding ideal candidates.

    • Digital Footprint Improvements: Ensuring consistent messaging across your website, social media, and job postings to strengthen your employer brand.

  4. Labor Market Analytics and Reporting:

    • Continuous Analysis: Regularly analyzing and reporting on vital data points such as talent availability, compensation, and internal recruiting metrics.

    • Proactive Adjustments: Using data to adjust strategies and keep your recruitment process efficient and effective over the long term.

Want to learn more about RPO?

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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