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Leveraging Recruitment Technology for Efficient Hiring

Published October 20, 2023
A person using a recruitment app on a tablet


In today's fast-paced world, where every organization is in a race to acquire top talent, it's essential to have the right tools in your toolbox to streamline your hiring process.   

Recruitment technology allows recruiters and HR professionals to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the entire talent acquisition (TA) process. In this article, we'll explore different types of technology, their benefits, and how each can help you streamline your TA function.

The Main Types of Recruitment Technology and Their Benefits


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

In the ever-evolving realm of recruitment, where time is often the critical factor, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have emerged as indispensable tools. These systems offer a multifaceted approach to streamline the hiring process.   

From visualizing candidate progress across multiple requisitions to reporting and everything in between, ATS platforms are the backbone of an efficient talent acquisition function.   

Key Capabilities and Benefits of an ATS   

  1. Quickly visualize candidate progress: Recruiters usually work on multiple requisitions at once; an ATS helps them track the stage of the recruitment process for each role and pick up where they left off.   
  1. Creates follow-up reminders and tasks: Recruiters juggle multiple functions. ATS tools can help them ensure timely communication with candidates and hiring managers to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and keep the recruitment process flowing.   
  1. Captures all communication and candidate records: ATS platforms serve as a central repository, providing recruiters with an internal location for more robust sourcing. Instead of paying a 3rd party website for contact information, you may already have it in your database.   
  1. Directly integrates with various accounting and HR software: Direct integrations between these platforms save all teams involved time and reduce the chance of data entry issues.   
  1. Offers artificial intelligence integration: AI tools help recruiters automate tasks such as screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and writing emails. In recruiting, every day counts, and these tools help accelerate the hiring process.   
  1. Connects with various reporting tools: Using tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio, HR leaders can use robust data and valuable insights to make better hiring decisions and identify areas of improvement for recruiting teams.

ATS providers include: Brightmove, Avionte, and iCIMS 

Video Interviewing Software

If you're part of the 90% of organizations that conduct virtual interviews, you know video interviewing software is a fast and efficient solution for recruitment. This technology offers a variety of capabilities that you can benefit from depending on your organization's unique hiring goals.    

Key Capabilities and Benefits of Video Interviewing Software  

  1. Offers pre-recorded and live interview options: Pre-recorded interviews allow recruiters to record their questions and build interviews in advance for specific roles. The live interview option records the interview and can provide recruiters with prompts to keep it on track.   
  1. Interview a multitude of candidates at the same time: Even if your recruiting team is super-efficient, interviewing takes time. Pre-recorded interviews can offer significant time savings, especially in the candidate screening portion of the hiring process.   
  1. Standardizes interview questions: Pre-recorded interviews guarantee that each candidate is asked the same questions in the same way, improving HR compliance measures and eliminating personal biases.  
  1. Offers Assessment Tools: A candidate may interview well, but how do you know if they have the hard skills to perform a role effectively? Using assessments built into video interviewing software, recruitment teams can ask candidates a mix of written, multiple choice and recorded questions to understand their knowledge and easily share the responses with hiring managers.  
  1. Transcends geographical limitations: Live interviews allow recruiters to efficiently meet with candidates wherever they are located. Gone are the days when recruiters had to work late, find open offices, and coordinate in-person interview times with candidates.   
  1. Fosters Collaboration: Recruitment teams can save time by sharing video links of candidate interviews, allowing stakeholders to provide feedback at their convenience. This feature streamlines the hiring process by reducing back-and-forth communication and helps the interview team understand each member's opinion of each candidate.    
  1. Integrates with most ATS platforms: Recruiters can quickly access recorded interviews from the platform they always have open. 

Video interviewing software providers include: HireVue, Spark Hire, and HireFlix   

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Recruitment Marketing Tools

Recruitment marketing technologies can help organizations hire more efficiently by reaching, engaging, and attracting the right candidates. These tools also provide invaluable insights that can guide you in adjusting your recruitment strategies.   

From tracking the performance of job boards and postings for SEO optimization to sending tailored emails and SMS messages to potential candidates and even harnessing the power of digital advertising and social media outreach, modern recruiting tools offer many capabilities.   

Key Capabilities and Benefits of Recruitment Marketing Tools  

  1. Track the performance of career sites and job postings: Making keyword updates and fixing technical search engine optimization (SEO) issues can help reduce applicant fall-off rates, improve visibility, and compete in a crowded market.  
  1. Send individual or automated email and SMS messages: With messaging tools, recruiters can proactively reach out to candidates to let them know about new job openings, upcoming career fairs, and more.   
  1. Visualize candidate acquisition: Using first and third-party tracking technology, HR and TA leaders can use gathered data to decide where to spend their budget to fill their pipeline.   
  1. Expand awareness and amplify applicant volume: Using digital advertising tools, recruiting teams can run pay-per-click and display ads on Google, 3rd party job sites, and social media sites to garner attention and convert the right candidates.   
  1. Reach candidates where they spend their time online: Using social media tools, recruiters can reach out to candidates in their talent pool directly and share open positions through organic or paid outreach. 

Recruitment marketing tool providers include: Mailchimp, LinkedIn Recruiter, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Indeed, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social   

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AI-Powered Technology

Recruiters are now benefiting from a new segment in recruitment technology - Artificial intelligence-powered tools. These tools help improve recruiter efficiency by automating certain aspects of the hiring process and streamlining administrative tasks.   

The popularity of this technology has led to an increase in the ways that recruiters can utilize these tools. Some popular tools allow recruitment teams to streamline sourcing, screening, communication, and candidate movement throughout the hiring process. Proper use of these tools can make recruiters more effective and reduce overall time-to-fill.  

Key Capabilities and Benefits of AI-Powered Technology  

  1. Integrates directly into various ATS platforms: Adding AI tools to an ATS platform ensures a seamless workflow for recruiters, allowing them to access crucial information and perform tasks within a familiar environment, which reduces the need for platform switching.   
  1. Reduces time spent sourcing for candidates: By automating the process of identifying and matching candidates with requisitions, the recruiting team can focus on higher-value tasks such as building relationships with candidates and clients, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.   
  1. Automatically screen and qualify new applicants: This feature streamlines the initial screening process, allowing recruiters to quickly identify qualified candidates, leading to a more efficient and effective candidate selection process.   
  1. Quickly generate candidate and client communication: Automation in generating communications, such as emails or notifications, not only saves time but also ensures consistency and professionalism in all interactions, enhancing candidate engagement and client experience.   
  1. Matches known candidates with open requisitions automatically: This automation ensures no qualified candidates are overlooked, increasing the chances of a successful match between candidates and job openings.   
  1. Notifies recruiters and sourcers of top talent: This feature accelerates hiring and engages top talent by alerting the team to high-potential candidates.  
  1. Uses triggers to move candidates through the different stages of the hiring process: Automating candidate progression streamlines the hiring process, ensuring consistency and faster time-to-hire while improving the candidate experience.  
AI-powered tool providers include: HiredScore, Ideal, Google Bard, ChatGPT  

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