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A robust digital recruitment marketing program is essential for any organization in today’s market.

Efficient recruitment strategies for the digital era

Recruiting best practices have evolved with the explosion of technology, which means digital recruitment strategies are key to building a successful workforce. But many talent acquisition and HR leaders struggle to understand and implement a modern-day program. This is because a best-in-class recruitment marketing strategy requires an understanding of topics beyond traditional recruiting and sourcing. Modern digital recruitment strategies require a marketing mindset.

And here at Hueman, we have that expertise. We have deep experience in combining recruitment operations with modern digital marketing strategies and solutions. Through our recruitment marketing outsourcing program will build your company a full-scope recruitment marketing ecosystem that will drive more high-quality candidates to your roles in an efficient and scalable model.

Critical components of a holistic digital recruitment marketing.

Building a recruitment marketing ecosystem

Hueman can build you a complete, and modern, recruitment marketing ecosystem, or optimize the pieces you already have in place. This will ensure you have a structure to appropriately distribute jobs across the internet. Plus, you will have the tools and messaging needed to out-perform your competition through both organic and paid avenues. 

A complete recruitment marketing ecosystem includes:

Tech Stack

The tech stack is crucial to recruitment marketing. When you partner with Hueman, you'll receive a custom tech stack that includes:

  • ATS & job proliferation network
  • Career website & candidate UX
  • Hiring Manager workflows

Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is your candidate's first impression of your company - make sure you're putting your best digital foot forward! We help by looking at your:

  • Employment brand & job messaging
  • Presence on social media & job boards
  • Job search engine optimization (SEO)

Advertising Platforms & Campaigns

We'll help set up your job advertising by learning about your company, your competitors, and your ideal candidates. 

  • Advertising platforms set-up
  • Market research
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Budget recommendations


Your long-term strategy & support experts.

Maintaining recruitment marketing program

After building a best-in-class ecosystem, your talent acquisition program will have the tools necessary to run a modern recruiting and sourcing program. But the art of promoting a job opening has evolved from a “post and pray” strategy to one that requires an HR and marketing combination.

Our expert marketing team will support your talent acquisition program including providing search engine optimization (SEO), job board algorithm insights, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Hueman will optimize your company's job postings and build strategic advertising campaigns, analyze the results, and evolve your strategy to maximize great candidate flow while minimizing costs.

Ongoing support inclues:

Run Campaigns

Blast off! We'll get your job ads up and running, getting you more candidates faster than ever before.

  • Build budget recommendations
  • Run keyword research
  • Optimize job promotion campaigns

Analyze Results

We don't just run your ads - we make sure they are running as efficiently as possible, and we consistently make tweaks to get you the best candidates at the lowest cost.

  • Identify trends in individual jobs
  • Implement insights from campaigns
  • Manage career site SEO

Evolve Pipeline Strategy

As the market changes, so must your marketing strategy. We make sure we're always ahead of the game on trends and planning for your campaigns.

  • Research market & candidate trends
  • Develop target market plans
  • Target hard-to-fill roles

Why Recruitment Marketing Matters

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    Increased digital job distribution

    Immediately proliferate your jobs across the internet – from major search engines to niche job boards – to find the candidates wherever they are. Every time.

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    Increased recruitment efficiency

    When technology and processes are aligned, your entire program will be more efficient. Improving your internal team's ability to hire the right talent.

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    Increased candidate quality

    Not only will you receive more candidates, you will also have the ability to fine-tune your efforts to better target talent that fits your unique needs.

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