Recruitment Relief During Your Busiest Time.

You need help with recruitment, but only for one specific time period, for one specific reason. It's a special instance. We hear you. Project RPO is a great solution for businesses who are growing or expanding and need a large volume of great hires, fast.

Is Project RPO Right for You?

  • You don't hire year-round.
    You don’t hire year-round. Whatever the reason, hiring needs may ebb and flow. We'll help you prepare and recruit for your influx.
  • You've got a deadline.
    You've got a deadline. Our recruiters will work with your HR team to source, recruit and hire to meet your deadlines.
  • You want a better recruitment foundation.
    You want a better recruitment foundation. Our team of experts will work with you to fix issues, fill current openings and create a strategic recruitment plan once we hand everything off to you.
  • You want the ability to “flex” up.
    You want the ability to "flex" up. Whether you're opening a new location or your business is seasonal, we can increase our support to make sure you’re covered.

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Benefits of Project RPO

  • Ready to Deploy
  • Customized Strategy
    Customized Strategy
  • Start and End Date
    Start and End Date
  • Onboarding is Taken Care Of
    Onboarding is Taken Care Of

Case Study

Automotive dealership expanding nationwide
Attracting candidates in a timely manner who also fit their culture and brand.
Develop an enterprise program to meet immediate and long-term recruitment needs.


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