Your End-to-End Recruitment Solution.

Although there are some tactical similarities, Enterprise RPO has some major differences. Our team of executives will provide you with a level of strategic consultation and oversight of your entire talent acquisition strategy. This solution puts us at the forefront of your business to assess, analyze and implement changes to elevate your organization's employment strategy.

From advanced marketing and employee engagement to employee retention strategies and everything in between, our team will implement methods that ensure you're strongly positioned and competitive in your marketplace.

Is Enterprise RPO Right for You?

  1. Strategic Recruitment Consulting
    In addition to providing all recruitment services, the partnership is extremely strategic. We have quarterly partnership reviews and monthly reviews and There is typically more ongoing communication with the c-suite of our partners either the chief HR officer, chief operating officer, the CEO, other senior-level positions to discuss how Hueman can support the organization from a recruiting function perspective.
  2. Workforce Analysis
  3. On-Boarding
  4. Technology Management
  5. Integrated team

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Benefits of Enterprise RPO

  • 10+ recruiters dedicated recruiters
    10+ recruiters dedicated recruiters
  • Full white-glove service
    Full, white-glove service
  • Ownership of end-to-end recruitment
    Ownership of end-to-end recruitment
  • Involvement in Strategic Decisions
    Involvement in Strategic Decisions

Case Study

Comprehensive health care system comprised of 250+ locations
Decrease traveler usage and premium labor spend.
To help make a material impact on their bottom line, we began recruiting efforts to hire permanent employees for specific units across multiple locations.


Years of ongoing partnership
Reduction in travelers
Premium spend decrease

Ready to get going with your enterprise-level RPO program?

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