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How an RPO Partner Can Help Tackle the Shortage of Nurses

Published June 14, 2022

The nurse shortage has been magnified since the COVID-19 pandemic due to high turnover rates, healthcare demands, and strained working environments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be close to 200,000 registered nurse openings annually until 2029. A shortage this severe can quickly lead to a national crisis.

In response to the shortage, the Nurse Staffing Think Tank was launched by the Partners for Nurse Staffing - a collaboration of the AACN, AONL, ANA, HFMA, and HI. This forum brought together key stakeholders including healthcare professionals, HR executives, CEOs, and front-line nurses to address possible solutions.

Six priority areas were identified and published alongside corresponding strategies to be implemented within the next 12-18 months: 

  • Healthy work environment
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Work schedule flexibility
  • Stress injury continuum
  • Innovative care delivery models
  • Total compensation

The strategies recommended by the Think Tank are a great starting point for healthcare leaders. However, developing a long-term plan to improve labor shortages can take time and resource they may not have. 

How an RPO Partner Can Help

A recruitment process outsourcing partner equips organizations with the tools needed to find top talent quickly, which can help avoid overworking nurses resulting in healthier work environments. From elevating employer brands, marketing efforts, and candidate experiences to screening and onboarding - an RPO partner develops a recruitment strategy that is unique to a company's needs.

To alleviate the pressure from understaffed hospitals, an RPO partner can help establish a float-pool model. By quickly stabilizing staffing levels, hospitals can offer flexible schedules, improve patient experience, and reduce turnover rates. An RPO partner can take care of general staffing while hospital leaders and hiring managers focus on critical hires.

See how Hueman hired 200+ healthcare candidates for our partner by implementing a surge float-pool model. 

Increasing Nursing DEI

Nurse diversity is a key component in reducing health disparities among underrepresented groups. An RPO partner can attract diverse candidates through inclusive job descriptions, data-driven sourcing strategies, and interview training to avoid bias. The right partner can provide a robust pipeline of qualified candidates to help organizations build a workforce that is representative of the communities they serve.

Adequate nurse staffing is necessary to ensure patient care and safe working environments. With our expertise, we can help overcome the current shortage challenges and strategically plan for the future by identifying workforce trends, predicting potential obstacles, and mitigating risks.   

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