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Hues & Perspectives: Improving Retention and Reducing Travelers in Healthcare

Posted by Derek Carpenter

It’s no secret that the healthcare labor market has suffered since the start of the seemingly unending pandemic. Hues & Perspectives, a monthly virtual executive roundtable hosted by Hueman, provides a forum for leaders to discuss their day-to-day HR challenges. Our sessions unite human resources and talent acquisition leaders from across the country to share best practices and ideate solutions.

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Travel Nursing: A Bad Deal for Health Systems and Nurses

Posted by Derek Carpenter

Travel nurses were essential to supplement staffing levels when the patient census surged across the country due to the pandemic. Incentivized by lucrative pay, travel nurses entered high-risk environments where COVID ran rampant.

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How an RPO Partner Can Help Tackle the Shortage of Nurses

Posted by Sarah Palmer

The nurse shortage has been magnified since the COVID-19 pandemic due to high turnover rates, healthcare demands, and strained working environments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be close to 200,000 registered nurse openings annually until 2029. A shortage this severe can quickly lead to a national crisis.

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How Employee ‘Float Pools’ Can Assist Healthcare Systems in Crisis

Posted by Derek Carpenter

For many hospitals in early 2021, the roll-out and staffing of the COVID-19 vaccination program fell to the talent acquisition (TA) team. Battling an already struggling workforce and nursing shortage, hospital TA professionals were scrambling to garner the essential business as usual.

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3 Mistakes Healthcare Recruiters are Making and What it's Costing Your Business

Posted by Dina DeMarco

The hiring practices that lead to high turnover (aka employees leaving the business) in the healthcare industry are avoidable mistakes.

The healthcare sector experiences four times as much employee turnover as other industries, and wallets are hit hard because of it. If your organization is making these three hiring mistakes, consider revising your approach.

1. Underestimating the value of cultural fit:

Culture is a top-three factor for job satisfaction around the globe, and employees who actually care about their culture have a 31 percent lower turnover rate than those who quit to pursue new opportunities.

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