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Why Your Organization Needs an Apply Audit

Posted by Zach Coffey

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The May BLS and jobs reports data  indicates an uptick in the demand for talent. As a recruiting firm, we are starting to see a number of companies bringing people back to work and seeing more candidates looking for new opportunities. As more and more companies return to full capacity, we can anticipate that the skills demand will, once again, outpace the candidate supply. So what does this mean for your organization?


As organizations increasingly hire additional talent, there will be fewer available active candidates that are a ‘perfect fit’ for your organization. So it’s important to ensure you have a strategy in place now for attracting top talent. This ensures you are prepared for the time when demand for skills in your industry begins to match or even surpass the available talent in the market. So, how do you know if you’re attracting top candidates? Finding that answer starts with a review of your online presence and application process.


The first impression your organization makes on a potential employee happens the moment they begin searching for jobs – online. Are your jobs targeted and SEO optimized to reach the broadest qualified audience you can? Once a job seeker sees your job posting and visits your website’s career page, they typically decide within minutes if your organization is where they would like to work based on your perceived culture, employer branding, online ratings and reviews, and other factors like unique benefits and compensation. If first impressions are everything, what impression is your organization giving to potential employees? Keep in mind, your organization’s first impression happens before a prospective candidate even reaches the actual application! That’s why it’s important to understand your candidate application journey and experience.


In today's world, it is imperative that you have processes and technology that can easily adapt to changing market needs, enabling your organization to appeal to prospective candidates in several ways:

Website/Career Page

Your career site should be easily accessible and identifiable. It should provide prospective candidates with relevant information about your open positions, your organization and what it’s like to work there. It should also be clear where the candidate can search for open jobs and candidates should be able to easily navigate those jobs in a secure setting. 

Job SEO & Promotion

Well-executed SEO on your career site and job postings will increase the visibility of jobs on search engines – from Google to Indeed. A career site and related content built using the latest in SEO techniques can give your jobs more visibility and can save you significant recruitment marketing dollars.

Employment Branding 

Your employer brand is a very powerful recruiting tool and tells candidates what it’s like to work for your organization. The better you are at employer branding, the more likely you are to attract top talent.

Today’s world is consumer focused. Users now expect to see behind the curtain of organizations, and this includes when searching for a job. You must show a genuine message about what it’s like to work for your organization otherwise the message will be told for you.

Do you want to know what kind of first impression your organization is making on prospective candidates? Hueman’s FREE Web Apply Audit walks you through how well your online application process is performing or not performing in the following areas:

  • Site Navigation
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Security
  • ATS
  • Application Process/Length
  • Job Postings and Job Descriptions (including relevant key words, SEO compliance, etc.)
  • Google Search Results
  • Job Syndication
  • Online Ratings & Reviews
  • Employer branding on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor

If you’re interested in receiving your organization’s FREE Web Apply Audit, please request one here and we will be in touch within 1 business day to schedule a review of your audit. 

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