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11 Things I've Learned from 20+ Years as an Entrepreneur

Posted by Dwight Cooper on Feb 26, 2018

A lot has changed for me over the past two years.

In 2016, I sold the recruitment company I founded in my spare bedroom 20-plus years ago: PPR Talent Management Group. This was a decision largely based on the incredible success of our recruitment process outsourcing arm. We had been thriving for eight years, and it was time to take this business out on its own.

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Human-to-Human | Getting back to the heart of the business in 2018

Posted by Dwight Cooper on Feb 14, 2018

You already know at Hueman, we hone in on the hearts—the humans. That's the very foundation of our new recruitment business. And this concept is part of a key movement we think is long overdue, and so, so important: the human-to-human (H2H) movement.

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What's in a Name? How we landed on 'Hueman'

Posted by Dwight Cooper on Jan 5, 2017


Businesses are no longer looking for employees based on skill, know-how and tenure alone. Now, they’re focused on finding employees who:

  • Are creative
  • Are passionate
  • Have a strong character
  • Have the ability to collaborate

In other words, companies are now looking at how to hire hearts instead of just heads.

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