Webinar: How to Find the Human Behind the Candidate

Posted by Sarah Palmer

Woman smiling in front of a colorful wall

Understanding the true essence of a candidate is hyper important when hiring new employees. We reviewed our best practices and experience helping a large organization do just that with the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) in our recent webinar.

Hueman's Senior Vice President, Joe Marino, discussed the strategies —and why it's important. Check out the webinar on-demand below, where we:

  • Help you understand a formal structured interview procedure and how it can uncover candidates' "Essence."
  • Provide four interview questions that encourage candidates to share truthful information about their "fit" to your organization.
  • Teach you how using the panel interview process can directly impact your organization's engagement levels.
  • And more

Want a sneak peek of the webinar? Here's what you can learn from candidates from panel interviewing:

  • If the person being interviewed is the right candidate for the position.
  • If there is a true passion and desire for the work they'll be doing.
  • Being able to better understand the educational background, working experience and readiness to challenge a new professional environment.

Interested in seeing how your company, specifically, can discover the 'human' behind the job candidate? Let's chat.



Topics: Company Culture, Recruitment Strategy